The Bi Partisan Animal Ball Washington DC (Willard Hotel) Introduction Jan 19, 2017


The introduction at The bi partisan Animal Ball in Washington DC- Willard Hotel

By Pamela Anderson

Welcome to PETA’s bipartisan bash! Animals don’t belong to any political party, but it’s great that they have allies in

Nixon signed the Endangered Species Act, and Clinton is the first President who ended up vegan
We’re here tonight to further PETA’s work in Washington in the coming years, but let’s take a quick look of what your support has made possible in the past year alone.
For three decades, baby monkeys were subjected to maternal deprivation experiments at the NIH. But, last year, PETA got them ended forever.
The NIH had also been warehousing 360 chimpanzees for experiments—some sat in cages for decades. But after massive pressure from PETA and others, they are all going to be climbing trees instead of cage bars because they are all being retired.
And PETA doesn’t forget the millions of smaller animals, the rats and mice who have chemicals poured down their throats. Now that PETA has helped pass major chemical testing reforms, it’s the beginning of the *end* of animal poisoning tests.
To accomplish these achievements, PETA depended on a lot of people, including whistle-blowers, and you know I love whistle-blowers. We also had the help of many members of Congress, and tonight we’re celebrating a few of those heroes. Mary will tell you about them in a minute, but first I want to tell *you* … something about Mary. She’s helped PETA get elephants out of circuses, get monkeys out of labs, stop SeaWorld from breeding orcas, and now she’s helping PETA stop the use of animals in military training.
Everyone, it’s my pleasure to introduce Mary Matalin.