Pamela Anderson Biography January 2017

Pamela Anderson has a body of work that encompasses entertainment and activism. She is an international icon who uses her status to help make the world a better place.

Pamela Anderson has proclaimed the Playboy Mansion was her university. 

She was exposed to everything important there. Intellectuals and artists - A free thinking lifestyle that ignited her. 

Hefner says Pamela is the DNA of Playboy - and put her on the cover a record 14 times, including the magazine’s final cover January 2016.  

Pamela’s 1st television role was playing Lisa, the Tool Time Girl on ABC’s hit sitcom “Home Improvement”.

She became a global icon starring as "CJ" in the internationally successful series “Baywatch” and went on to star in and produce her own national/international television series as Val in “V.I.P.”

Pamela’s reluctant feature film career includes "Barb Wire” and Sacha Baron Cohen’s obsession in the hit film “Borat.”  

She has played around with her appearance - in art films - and is collaborating with friends in film and fashion- having fun pushing boundaries and perception - 

Her passion has always been art, love and activism, Pamela’s courage, compassion and empathy combined with her worldwide popularity, has made her a powerful voice for the planet, for the animals and for humanity.  As a board member of PETA she was and is instrumental in many successful campaigns-

She chair’s the board of directors of The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society which helps to further her mission to maintain the biodiversity of the ocean.

She is on the Russian council of IFAW and traditionally speaks at the Kremlin and Capitol Hill. 

She joins forces with her dear friend and mentor Dame Vivienne Westwood every chance she gets appearing in apocalyptic ads and supporting Climate Revolution - defending culture and the human experience along with environmental rights and awareness. 

She is a board member of The Courage Foundation advocating for Julian Assange and other brave whistle blowers.

She lovingly defends Leonard Peltier — and freedom of information, education and Justice for the vulnerable, for all living beings on the Planet - exposing the hardships of women and children in difficult surroundings. 

She has visited numerous refugee camps bringing children toys, sweet animal coloring books, food and warm clothing -

She has visited and supported orphanages in Haiti and Russia.

She has supported the National Domestic Violence Hotline for many years, while The Pamela Anderson Foundation (, boldly supports organizations and individuals that stand on the front lines, risking their lives in the protection of human, animal, and environmental rights. 

Anderson has a tiny vegan, sustainable line of cozy footwear- a labor of love - an overture to her fellow malibu moms - 

Presenting compassionate alternatives to the animal skinned boots she regrettably made famous on Baywatch. Educating people about the cruelty of sheep skin products- encouraging a switch to (, 

She has aligned with her hometown friends at The Hatch Winery, to create her first vintage in the Pamela Anderson wine collection ‘CONTEMPT ‘Brut Rose’ with an inspired cinephile twist with more wines to come -available only in Canada, (sorry).

Anderson is committed to all her causes and applies everything she learns to everything she does. She is an advocate for women and children and has been speaking out about the dangers of desensitization. She encourages empathy - she believes how we are taught to treat animals as children- can be an indicator of how we will treat people as adults. A need for early education -

She is calling for a Sensual Revolution While writing her book “The Sensual Revolution” with Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, She is simultaneously writing her own experiences in "White Hot Sex- A lost Art" (both out in 2017)

Her hobby is writing erotic short stories and poetry. 

She is the mother to two boys, an avid art collector and friend to the art community. She has been a distinguished speaker at both Oxford and Cambridge in regards to activism and making love. 

Her recent collaboration with Coco De Mer (who aligns perfectly with her sensual philosophy) is most exciting to her right now. Planning a lifetime collaboration - including her own line of pin up structural and sheer flirty underpinnings. 

She has passionately written for many years and is in the studio now recording her sexy bed time stories - for lovers to enjoy listening to, or reading to one another -

While she resides in Malibu, CA with her family. 

Europe and Canada is where she spends most of her time as of lately -

Her sons Brandon Lee (20) an Actor, and Dylan Lee (19) a Musician independently study and pursue their dreams while also are blessed to be traveling the world modeling and meeting up with Mom in funny places- Museums around the world -

Pamela at present is shooting on location in London- A short film "Fuck Valentine's Day" by Rankin for Coco De Mer.

And designing a line of glamorous Eco Fur coats in Russia - along with keeping up with her daily duties as an activist.