Request for pardons


  The Pamela Anderson Foundation


Jan 3/2017

Dear Mr. President,


I must request with urgency, humility, and as a lover of all beings -

as I advocate for many important issues around the world - I see human rights are being violated in demeaning political ways that are not helpful to anyone... 

I'm asking you to remember the beginning of your political career. 

When you had a dream, an idea, a cause worth the fight. 

When you had obstacles and fairness was not always in your favor. 

I request that you consider pardoning Julian Assange in your last days in office. 

It would be a bold and exciting move for the time we live in- the information age generation. 

Please stop the grand jury investigation, and the bullying that is turning the world off America. 

We must stop making Julian (or Russia) the scapegoat- Kids are smarter than this, and it is very divisive and tearing generations apart.  It simply must end - and is doable by the stroke of your pen. 

It may not be popular at first - but nothing worth anything is. There will be a dawning and utter gratitude - as people wake up. 

I understand Julian has been painted a bad guy - but he is not - He is a genius worth protection. 

the contents of the what he has published through Wikileaks 

are pure and uncensored. 

They are just the truth - 

the distraction tactics are seen through - it creates mistrust. 

We need less of that in today's world - Too much effort is being put into hurting smart people instead of befriending or building valuable bridges.

Julian and Wikileaks are essential -

especially in this political climate. 

We need truth tellers more than ever... 

I also kindly request you pardon Leonard Peltier. 

Doing these things will warm the hearts of many. Especially those whose hearts and minds desperately need warming. 

Our hearts and your legacy are at stake -

I know this- and

I appreciate that it is difficult as Presidents become  'institutionalized' ...

it is just what happens 

But now- 

You can go back to the fresh days of your beginnings and leave your signature mark of hope. 

while some of us still have 'hope' - please consider these simple requests. 

I know that in the beginning of your presidency you had such hope. 

And, I voted for you. 

My mother worships you (and Elvis) - 

She actually had a heart attack when you were being treated unfairly in your last election. -though she is Canadian...the world really adores you. 

You have done many great things as President. 

We all know your hands were increasingly tied. 

Do this for us. 

For activists who care and dedicate their lives like you. 

It's a strong message to send especially to our youth who are bombarded with information and 'Fake news'. We need some cyber heros. 

Right now. 

I feel that these last 8 yrs were incredibly hard on you and your family. 

And what we are facing now. 

Is very frightening. You must be as concerned, or I'm sure more concerned, as many of us are for the future -

It would give me tremendous hope to see Leonard spend the few years he has left surrounded by family on his land. 

And for Julian to be able to travel freely. See his children and his mother. 

He is protecting and informing us all. He has no agenda but to help end corruption of governments and empower people - 

It is a quality 'nuisance' I know. 

The timing may have been rough. But, you must admit. 

It is more difficult for corruption to take place. 

If you know the world can and will always find out. 

If I can help you in anyway. 

Please do not hesitate to ask. I'm sure you will be even more effective now as a free-er citizen. 

This is what I ask for my friends Leonard and Julian. 

I wish you and your family a blessed new year ...

Thank you for your service to all of us and America. 

All my love,


Pamela Anderson