Paris George 5


Bon Soir

madames et monsieurs,


I'm very honored to be here tonight and to be recognized for mine, and my foundation's work. 

I like to say that 'Activism is sexy.'

To engage in the world is the ultimate human experience-

To have empathy is romantic. and- doing our part as individuals -and supporting other courageous people is socially and sensually stimulating. 

It is fun to be around interesting and courageous people - it makes them even more alluring. 

I don’t know how I got to this place. 

I've always like to push limits and challenge myself. I had no idea it would lead me down such provocative roads. 

On the road to Paris from London, (trying to fly less) I visited a refugee camp in Calais delivering food and blankets -

It is not the first time I've visited refugee camps, and like you I have been following closely online or in the news. This time it felt different- 

Nothing prepares you for seeing war in children's eyes. 

While in London I visited my good friend Julian Assange - the most famous of all asylum seekers.

He has asylum from Ecuador because of the risk of persecution for his work with Wikileaks.

But what has his refugee status given him? He is stuck in a small room in the Embassy and hasn’t seen the sunshine for nearly 5 years. 

All because the UK and Sweden refuse to recognize his refugee status. 

He is battling wild injustices - using his chosen tool- transparency - 

Governments are increasingly controlling information and propagating fear, which is how they control the masses and get away with corruption, abuse and unlawful wars- the wars that cause the refugee crisis we face today.  

Wikileaks ensures that, the people, know what our governments are doing. 

We can see-through their lies and can truly have our say.  

Wikileaks is important for democracy- we are lucky it exists. 

I have an idea that will support the brave courageous people doing this work around the world - to make sure they can keep doing their amazing work, which benefits us all, without the worry of making sure there is food on the table. We owe them that support because they do it for us all.

I hope I can count on you to support this Tenure project for Activists- - 

Please help me fund them to make the world a better place. 

I know I’ve made some “colorful” choices in my life- and we can call them what you like.  It is a slight distraction- but, my heart and my soul bare the burden, that drives me, to do the best I can do, with the resources I have created, and have been blessed with. 

I encourage you to do the same- 

Continue the fight with all you have- Now more than ever. 

I feel and see an epidemic of loneliness, desensitization - lack of empathy. 


We must participate more than ever. 

No matter who the leaders are. There is no time to pout about it. 

Take Action !

It is our duty, and we have a wonderful opportunity to share what is our wealth

While at the same time - going easier on the planet and making more compassionate choices regarding animals. 

What we eat, and what we wear has a profound impact on the environment- and society. 

It is not always easy or convenient to apply what we learn, to what we do. 

But- It's that simple.

If I can do it - anyone can. 

Thank you all - I wish you a very sexy evening.