Sea Shepherd 40th anniversary Bordeaux, France


On n'a pas deux cœurs, l'un pour l'homme, l'autre pour l'animal… On a du cœur ou on n'en a pas

Ça Va?

I'm learning french -
I am doing so by studying french people I admire - authors, artists, activists

It has been such an inspiration.
I love that Sea Shepherd has a strong French presence -

I believe that France is the centre of the world. French people are tuned in to the world outside themselves.
I have more hope living here -
I think
America must catch up ...
It has too long been the lie -
as it gobbles up the planet viciously
and without apology
or remorse.

In this time - it inspires me to keep moving keep searching those that genuinely want to make the world a better place.
Ones that are willing to co exist with creatures great and small - different shapes and sizes, races, colors and species.

Paul will talk more about the how's and whys.
I want to thank you for being here. For recognizing the huge influence Sea Shepherd has had over the last 40 years. With so much ahead ....

Stay strong!, stay focused - do not give up - fight hatred with love, ignorance with education, and crassness, (no matter how ugly and infuriating) with grace -

I have been a dedicated member of Sea Shepherd for more than a decade - and will fight for the whales and their oceans for as long as I live.

I know you feel the same ...

Merci Beaucoup ...

As the international chair of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
let me introduce to you the ultimate 'peaceful warrior. 'Captain Paul Watson'