Pamela Anderson’s spotted “goddaughter” seen with a cub

Pamela Anderson during a meeting with Sergey Ivanov in Kremlin, Moscow. Picture: Alexey Druzhinin, Ria Novosti

Pamela Anderson during a meeting with Sergey Ivanov in Kremlin, Moscow. Picture: Alexey Druzhinin, Ria Novosti

The female Amur leopard Leo 38F who was named by the actress and member of Advisory Council of International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) Pamela Anderson was seen accompanied by a cub. According to the photo monitoring data of “Land of the Leopard”, this cub was the leopardess Pamela’s firstling.

The certificate of the Leopard Guardian was delivered to Pamela Anderson in December 2015 in the Kremlin. Sergey IvanovSpecial Representative of the President of Russia for Environmental Protection, Ecology and Transport, and Sergey Donskoi, the Head of Ministry for the Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources of the Russian Federation let the actress know about the nature of the rare feline and measures for its protection. The actress took a liking to the graceful leopardess and named her after herself – Pamela.

In late 2015, a young female Leo 38F was just starting her adult life. She was extremely cautious and rarely appeared before cameras, most often at night. After two years the large cat’s behaviour has changed considerably – she became more courageous and active. Now automatic cameras record Pamela several times every half-year. By the way, not long ago the leopardess was “captured” on trail camera with an almost adult cub.

For the first time the camera shows a young cub obediently treading exactly in its mother’s footsteps. It is interesting that before that leopardess Pamela managed to keep her cub off the radar for about a year.

By all appearances, female leopard Leo 38F is a very good mother eagerly guarding her cub, - says Tatiana Baranovskaya, Director of FSBI “Land of the Leopard”. – This skill is requisite for preservation of the rare animal population. But what also matters much in this issue is the beauty of both - the leopardess herself and her Guardian because this is the power which literally helps us to save Amur leopard.”

The joyful news of the addition to the “goddaughter’s” family in the “Land of the Leopard” was brought to Pamela Anderson.- " I am thrilled for Pamela. That she has become a mother - the most beautiful gift - that keeps giving. I’m excited to hear this and thank IFAW!, Sergey Ivanov, Amur Leopard and the Russian government for their commitment to repopulating and protecting the fragile leopard community in Russia. This is incredible news. "

The leopardess Pamela’s cub will probably leave its mother very soon. The later records of the young cub show that sometimes it already walks alone. Now the researchers wait for the young leopard to find its own territory and to be “captured” by another trail camera. Only then this new member of the leopard community will be assigned the identification number.