Wonderland Magazine - PAMELA ANDERSON, Angel in America and eternal bombshell, she’s one of a kind.


To some forever best known for her five-year stint in a red swimsuit (a role reprised in 2003 and 2017 respectively), Pamela Denise Anderson is the sum of parts far more extensive than any 90s TV show, even if it was a classic like Baywatch.

Landing the cover of Playboy in October 1989 (she returned, not for the first time, to front the title’s final nude issue early last year), the actress in conversation with Harriet Verney today is most consumed, to the foreign eye at least, with activism.

Her Instagram – a monochrome showcase of personal throwbacks and iconic females – boasts an anti-fur stamp for a profile picture while her relationship with Vivienne Westwood, and its accompanying political components, are widely recognised; then there are her friendships within the art world – Ed Ruscha and Jeff Koons are both pals.

The shoot was done in beautiful Marseille. What is it you love about France?

Marseille is a beautiful place to call ‘home’ for now. The South of France is a blessed place to be; I knew somehow I’d end up here. I love France. I love the language. I love Paris – I prefer to be surrounded by culture – and learning a new language has been a fun challenge. This experience, for many reasons, none expected, has kept me engaged in the world, and I feel very loved here. 

What is one of the biggest hurdles you have overcome?

Hurdles are most likely related to my own demons, my earliest memories and how that didn’t help me – and left me unequipped re all attempts at love. Men are my downfall. And muse. I think finding my passion as an artist despite a full life. I feel something is missing. I write, paint, draw, meditate, dance. I refuse to play the game – social media seems corrupt…vacant – and an opportunity of handled creatively. I just started to participate. I do not have the answers, I want to explore acting, directing even more. I play a character every day. Anyone that knows me, tells me this. And if you follow me – not the many fake accounts – you pick up on an authentic attempt to share my inner world. It’s a thread, it’s not blatant. It’s an experiment. 

And what is your proudest moment to date? 

My boys make me proud every day. They are real genuine, charismatic additions to the world. The world is better with them in it. I love them so much. Watch for them, they are a force, coming strong. 

You’ve been a sex symbol for years. What is sexy to you now?

Sexy is a state of mind – a life-long adventure. Courage and intelligence in a man, and wisdom, mystery and a will to learn continuously in a woman will keep you sexy till your last day. 

Have you ever met any of your icons? 

I’ve met Jane Fonda – and we have plotted… I’ve spoken to Brigitte Bardot on the phone a few times. And we have worked together fighting for animal rights in France. 

What is the biggest misconception about yourself? 

I wouldn’t know the answer to this… fully. I never led a calculated life or a PR campaign to manufacture an image. I led my life the old fashion way – on my own. Carving my own path and paying little attention to the tabloids. I can see looking back I was vulnerable – and even my own strength, determination and resilience shock me.

Taken from the Autumn 17 Issue of Wonderland; out now and available to buy here.