Letter to Taoiseach Mr. Leo Varadkar

Dear Mr. Varadkar,
I was thrilled to hear the news from my friends at PETA that Ireland will ban wild-animal circuses. While I celebrate this victory and look forward to raising a glass of Guinness with your predecessor the next time I'm in town, I'm now looking to celebrate with you what I very much hope will be the next victory for animals: an end to fur farming in Ireland.

I admired your strength in promising, at this year's Dublin LGBTQ Pride, to be "the voice for toleration, respect, and equality" – and wish you'd extend this compassion to all living beings.

From the moment they're born to the moment they die, the more than 200,000 minks imprisoned in squalid cages on the country's three remaining fur farms endure tremendous suffering. They're denied the opportunity to act on any of their natural instincts – such as roaming, swimming, and caring for their young. After months of confinement and mental torment, their tiny lungs are filled with poison gas – a perverse killing method that sometimes only stuns them, so they end up being skinned alive.

As you undoubtedly know, many countries have already outlawed farming animals for their fur, including your closest neighbours: England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. I can't think of anyone more capable of creating history once again than you, Ireland's youngest and first openly gay prime minister. Please, would you pull up those stylish socks of yours and announce a ban on fur farming in Ireland?

I greatly look forward to clinking glasses with you when that happens.

Sincerely yours,
Pamela Anderson