Pamela’s recent animal news/interview


What do you think about the Russian legislation, regulating animal abuse. This legislation is going to be made more severe in a way that those who abuse animals will be sent in jail for three years. Is it just and fare punishment? Or is there an other way?

Animal abuse must be taken seriously, for its own sake and for it’s implications of other potential antisocial behaviors that in danger humans. Strengthening penalties is that for appropriate. In some cases, where there is premeditated infliction of pain and suffering and, four instance, in the case of extreme inflection of harm or death sexual crash video production involving torture of animals, that penalties should be far greater. 

There is a difference between on knowing neglect and deliberate infliction of cruelty? How do they punish animal offender in US? What's your take on this practice?

Each US state is slightly different. For minor cases of cruelty, the punishment is usually up to one year in jail and a fine exceeding $1000 per offense. For willful act of cruelty involving stabbing or strangulation or burning or beating and so on our other acts of cruelty that cause violent stabbing or strangulation or burning or beating and so on our other acts of cruelty that cause prolonged suffering or extreme violence or sadism, felony convictions can result in many years in prison. Peta had a case in Texas involving torture of animals and the perpetrator received 50 years in prison. Often PETA asks for a ban on any contact with animals and animal ownership as part of sentencing.

What should be done to eliminate animal abuse?

The very best thing is probably to require humane education and teach respect for animals and the propaganda in the schools so that children grew up understanding animals emotions, and needs, PETA has programs called teach kind and compassionate citizen that are used in many parts of the world. They should be in every school. Of course you cannot reach everyone and all the US school shooters and serial killers have a documented history of animal torture which is called by law enforcement officials and sociologists, "the link".

Why have you decided to dedicate your life to animals?

I have always had a natural affinity with animals.

What pets do you have?

At this time - I have my sweetheart with me in France - He is service dog. A golden retriever named Zu BISOU Bisou ... He loves to help rescued animals we take in. He is a good role model and teaches good loving behavior .. He has also visited refugee camps offering lots of love and attention.