Megyn Kelly/Today Show Interview


- as for thé question re-
Harvey Weinstein/ Trump’s blatant disrespect of women.
A lot of abuse and even more stigmatization comes from supporting political causes that are not popular in mainstream, including hollywood liberal crowds.
I know I’m blacklisted in Hollywood -
It’s ok-
There are a lot of people in Hollywood that don’t agree with my politics but I’m more interested in working with the ones who do...For, I trust my heart
My Instagram and Twitter numbers are crazy. So low - I’m not sure why. It’s a rebellious move to follow me. It’s maybe a bit radical ? But it’s honest. Not popular. I know this.
It only encourages me to work harder to reach more people.
Few in America are pleased with my Assange association -
they cannot let it go.
They refuse to see the truth.
They have to blame someone - it all seems slightly Karmic - though - false allegations turned into a flood of truthful allegations - where the real culprits lay—
Justice is due-
These days,
Î’m sure many men in Hollywood are scared that their awful behaviour and sex abuse will be exposed.
But the whole Hollywood is even more scared of women with an opinion (or even worse, woman with a different opinion than what is popular).  

- When it comes to the causes I support, they are all connected by compassion and justice. those are not some random picks - wars, oceans, climate change, violence, refugees, women and abuse- but they are all connected -
I know how all these things are interlinked.

- this is also WHY am I supportive of wikileaks and Julian Assange -He understands all these causes and how local is global.
His main message is JUSTICE.
His key core message in early 2009:
our cause is justice, our tool is transparency.

As for Russian propaganda?
This reminds me of the 1930s and how everything was blamed on the Jews then. And how people are as willing to believe the Russia conspiracy theories as quickly as they used to
believe anti-Semitic ones.
I often tell people when they complain about Russians: "Just replace Russia with the Jews" and it usually sets people straight.