What inspired me to write a book - Lust for Love- The Sensual Revolution - April release - but timely conversations happening now -


The impact of the internet and it's impact on human relations but also relations between individuals and states (in particular USA) and companies (running surveillance machine) -
People do not realize this and also the clickbait model and dependency that the digital giants including social media ran. big issue. It is obviously related to porn since most of the porn is available online. So the internet was supposed to liberate us and now, it is mostly about porn, computer games and gambling... and surveillance on the top of it.

Relationships between men and women and intimacy in the society. And tendency of oscillating between two extreme - sex without intimacy or puritanistic approach.

Building on the previous issue, broader problem of contemporary feminism and sex..
I mentioned this in one of my interviews, how The Sexual Revolution gave us a lot of bad sex...
I think what is happening now, with third wave of feminism and #metoo and other nonsense, stems from that. one cannot understand the current issue without understanding what has happened since 60s.
And how third wave feminists see men and how they want the state regulate intimacy (see the Swedish extreme approach). and where is individual responsibility for bad decision and where is sexual abuse and how the 3rd wave feminism conflate everything and this is not moving the society anywhere further.

Which leads me to Playboy-
my experience.


Hef elevated the girlie mag from the gutter made it intelligent and sophisticated Men who were worldly and appreciated the art of romance and sex men who didn't abuse women - Hef was not part of that mentality at all in fact he was opposite and a lover of the woman in all her capacities not as objects -as mates-

He gave countless careers to young women and the playboy gentleman was taught to court a sophisticated woman not oppress her but to be her equal. Style was a feminine ideal until Hef made dressing well for women important and jazz and have Aretha Franklin one of her first TV appearances everyone was equally appreciated and abuse of any degree wasn't tolerated at the mansion-
It was the sexual liberation of women /men and the social cultural education for men to be able to attract these new smart worldly educated women Hef taught men how to attract the modern powerful female-
A man dressing well for a woman etc