Feminism should be about strong women and strong men. Women (and men) who are confident, know themselves, know what they are and what they need (not just what they want in particular time) enjoy themselves and care about others and themselves. Women who are aware of their power and beauty (external and internal). Women who are smart and intellectually curious and seek knowledge and wisdom. Women who know how to be sexy-  get good sex and give it. 

It is not about women being like men but about equality in the society and in relationships. equality of sex. and the quality of it! ;)

Hefner seemed that he really understood it. He was quintessential second wave feminist and was really crucial in it. It is prudish opponents and censors who brought us the third wave and all this awful censorship of relationships and PC talk and other nonsense.  and these young women and men are really messed up with it.

I know I keep saying this - 

How- I think the sexual revolution gave us a lot of sex and a lot of bad sex. 

I think it is impossible to understand the current "feminism" without understanding of what has been happening since 1960s. 

We must help each other understand this- urgently