Top 10 ways to survive Hollywood


How to make it in Hollywood and Survive it? (If being a woman...)

I guess one should meet all -

1. Look the part, right. To meet the current standards of beauty - be super skinny, like size zero, max size one. But also be super sexy at the same time. I personally do not fancy size zero skeletons. Not to mention that in majority of cases, this size is reached by some sort of eating disorder. Maybe having eating disorder is a criterion of success.

2. Be certain age. I guess under 35. Or at least look under 35 From what I read, to be a woman over 35 in Hollywood is a solution to "how to be invisible".  There is like handful of women who make it beyond this age, and do not play the queen or witch or similar. 

3. Be white. Similar to previous point, one can count successful people of colour on one hand. There is a limited scope for diversity in Hollywood and those roles are already assigned. And if you are one of those diversity people, make sure you know you represent your whole ethnic group worldwide. 

4. Dont win Oscar too early in the career. So here you can look at what roles one can take to make it. I heard of the Oscar curse too early in the career. Like the death by success. Or something like that.

5. Choose politics based on the current trend in Hollywood. Go only with the current mainstream politics. For example, now you must love Hillary Clinton and still grieve that she is not the President. Refrain from any criticism of the DNC. Certainly do not support anyone even remotely progressive. Remember what happened to Susan Sarandon and her support of Bernie Sanders. Basically have a sheep and crowd attitude to politics.

6. Choose some appropriate sobbing causes to support ~like starving children or saving some "developing" country. Or protect women as they are helpless (by definition). Supporting Wikileaks and any revolutionaries is a big no. If you support free speech, make sure you only support free speech of some people. Not free speech for all.

7. Do not have any opinion of your own. And if you do, make sure you apologise for it. See many people's experience re the current scandal with sexual harassment. There are other examples 

8. Do not have respect for yourself if you want to survive in Hollywood. You must be ready to derive respect from what others think of you. If they think you are need to start from picking the trash (trash films), just believe them... But pick trash smartly...right?

9. Get to know famous people or better date them to suck their following out of them. They are usually insecure and easy to catch. 

10. And we all know the famous casting couch is alive and well - except when it doesn't work and you don't get your way. Be careful. Those days are over.