Germany ❤

Why did you want to be part of the Coco de Mer spot – what triggered you about the concept behind it?

Coco De Mer has always been my favorite store— I was so sad when it disappeared in LA- When Coco approached me about being a brand ambassador- I couldn’t resist— we have many ideas up our sleeve— this short film is setting the stage for everything coming— we are co designing a lingerie line for next year— and Rankin and I have shot another shoot already for the infamous ICON collection- little by little things will appear— we are sensually aligned— the playfulness, and empowerment of women- and to encourage beautiful sexual experiences are important to me- in a time where people seem a little desensitized and neglected—  I don’t want people to forget how to make love with respect, passion and fun. Loneliness is an epidemic- and so is porn addiction.

What do you personally think about Valentine’s Day – is it fun, needless, a great way to show your partner your love?

Always good to have a reminder to pay attention to the one you love— neglect is a form of abuse—

Valentine’s Day is usually focused around the love between two people. Do you think that concept is outdated?

I absolutely believe in monogamous relationships- I think having multiple partners is outdated— vulnerability and intimacy takes a lot of courage— I think people may have gotten lazy or in the pursuit of ‘being cool’ have lost the plot- the only way to great sex is through trust and love -  and time...

Is it a good idea to show your partner (or yourself) love after calendar? (Only because it’s Valentine’s Day?)

Every day is Valentine’s to me— I’m a romantic and treasure my romantic life— which is very personal…and private.

There’s a whole industry around this day. What was the most hilarious product you ever saw for it – and the most intriguing?

I don’t really pay attention..

Do you spend money for Valentine’s Day? The Germans usually spent between 20 and 25 Dollar – too much, too little, just right?

It’s up to the person— what you can afford— like I said- it’s important to some, disappointing to some, pressure- or a blissful day without expectation— a reminder— people want to be desired- that’s why we get married, to continue to be desired etc— sometimes that disappears in the day to day struggles of life-

Do you think women and men have a different take on Valentine’s day – and if so, in which way?

I only know as a women I love to spoil the people I love— and I’ve been very blessed.

What was the best gift you ever received for Valentine’s Day?

The true uninhibited love of another person…