Letter to Minister Sergey Donskoi

Dear Mr Donskoi,

As a council member of IFAW Russia. I was disheartened to hear that the proposal of snares is still being considered. I have read your article on the Kremlin site programmes.putin.kremlin.ru/en/ and I'm sorry, I profoundly disagree.

Snares should not be used to kill animals. It is cruel and unacceptable.

Opinions of valuable environmental organizations were not taken in consideration, with the exception of one (WWF).

You wrote, that the document was modified to reflect the comments of environmental organizations. It is good to know, that snares will not be allowed at the habitat of big cats, but that is not enough.

The use of snares should not be allowed at all.

As a Canadian I am even more devastated that Canada is boasting about it's cruel imposition of snares.

Please do not follow in the footsteps by adopting these backward international standards. Agreement on International Humane Trapping Standards (AIHTS).

I have high hopes that Russia will set the new standard. I was sure at our last meeting we were in agreement that this would expose many different vulnerable animals to unimaginable suffering. The gory details, mothers chewing feet off etc. are difficult to imagine. Mr Ivanov seemed concerned about this issue as well.

We did talk with Mr. Ivanov at our last meeting in regards to snares and I felt we all agreed that they are unacceptable. Following our meeting in Kremlin -at the Press-conference at TASS the question of snares was raised by the journalists. Vladimir Pozner and I shared with them that it is absolutely unacceptable due to the level of pain and suffering of animals and as well due to the fact, that every kind of animal can be caught, even birds of prey.

You were dearly missed at the Kremlin, during my last visit. I hope you can reconsider this issue?

I am available to help in any way you need.

I am very fond of our friendship and hope to see you again soon, In regards to The Year of the Environment, You must be extremely busy.

Let me know if I can be of any help. I wish you much success. The world is watching.

As always, with heartfelt gratitude,

Pamela Anderson

IFAW Russia Council member