London Calling

My earliest memory?
The ocean, being alone a lot, living in my imagination and dreams…

How I would describe my childhood?
My Finnish Grandfather had a profound effect on me- reading fairy tales, mythology—
He spoke to trees and was a Freemason-
He encouraged my creativity- My parents were only 18 and 19 when they had me—My Grandparents were a big part of raising me-
I spoke Finnish till I was 11…

My worst habit?
I have too much energy, insatiable… a romantic… I love, love, love— I live a romantic life
Love doesn't always have to be reciprocal.
You can be in love with some one,
who loves someone else,
who loves you.
It's an energy-
Sometimes there are variations to erotic love.
It is good to love endlessly.
And, it feels good to know someone out there loves you-
It may just not be who you expect-
Sex with out love does not interest me-

Have I ever been starstruck?
Michael Jackson- When I was little I had his poster on my wall I thought we would get married— he, and when John Kennedy Jr asked me on a date—
I giggled ridiculously- when on the set of his magazine George -
I was shooting the cover wrapped only in an American Flag-  I could not concentrate at all-
and was too shy to respond.

Do I mind getting older?
I don’t really have a choice do I? …

The best advice you've ever been given?
To let go…
I would describe myself -as an influential hard working optimist -
There is always hope…
that can be helped along, by clever intentions.

I think the secret to a happy relationship/marriage?
Freedom, romance and trust

My greatest regret?
Well ,I was meant to do Broadway—
Rob Marshall and Barry Weissler asked me to play ‘Roxy’ in Chicago on Broadway- I said yes- I started rehearsals- I learned the dances, the songs _ I had an apartment ready to go in NYC- We were all working very hard-
and so excited-
My agent made it very difficult for them-
and started demanded things I had no knowledge of- - Hollywood and Broadway don’t see eye to eye— They told me they could not move forward without a strong team around me- and they were completely offended-
I was devastated— I was ready.

Is sex important to me?
Of course, and so is self exploration.. it is the key to finding our bliss—
I wish everyone beautiful sexual experiences—
I fear the world might forget how to make love in this age of instant gratification—
I’m writing a book- The Sensual Revolution-
which explores this topic in detail- It will be out this year-

Do I believe in God?
I believe that the universe validates good decisions— it’s been proven to me- so, I have come to believe— but I wasn’t raised in any religion-

The worst thing anyone has ever said to me?
Sadly here has been much- but I think I’d have to mention, reluctantly-that-
When I was with my dear friend who was dying of Cancer my ‘significant other’  at the time- was very jealous-
He said -If you don’t get home now- I’ll hire a prostitute to suck my … -and take pictures and send to you”- (his words were even more ridiculous and hurtful than this- and became a vile and shocking habit) but, you can imagine- that didn’t work out so well for him-

The closest I’ve ever come to death? is now…
I’m almost 50..

I would you like to be remembered simply,
With love and respect, not a joke or as a cartoon character.

The last time I had a good cry?
I miss my boys, my dog… I’ve been going through old photos I carry on my phone- of my kids when they were babies— it went racing by-
I travel a lot lately- it’s a confusing empty nest feeling—
My kids are grown and I’m trying to find my way again- like starting over- —
Of course, I also cry when I leave places like the refugee camps- It’s very hard to see such unfairness.. (in person)- it’s unlike the news— and, it creates such disappointment that the world is behaving in such way —

When was I happiest?
I’m happier than I’ve been in recent years—
I’m very proud of my kids—
I’m excited about my collaboration with Coco De Mer— we are very aligned—sensually- and have a lot of naughtiness up our sleeve…that we can’t wait to share— soon- very soon— our short film premieres on Feb 7th -in just a few days— shot by Rankin- genius photographer, and film maker.

I do not struggle with abnormal depression- but of course I get depressed-
I go through all my feelings— ride the wave— feel your feelings— It’s ok to have bad days— better ones are always around the corner-

My greatest achievement?
My beautiful boys of course—

My favorite directors are
Woody Allen, Sean Penn, Jim Jarmusch, Jon Waters, David Lynch, Quentin Tarantino, David LaChapelle,
I’m holding out for my dear Werner Herzog project-
patience, patience…
is a virtue.-

Life, is but a dream...