The Year of the Environment - Russia RT interview

Animals are not ours to abuse for our entertainment, what we wear and what we eat- 

It is more elegant to dress compassionately these days- it is tres chic..

I understand there was a time there were less options- and there may have been no choice to wear an animal skin for warmth in certain climates- esp in Russia- 

but now there is an alternative that is just as warm, just as soft, less expensive and you can wash these coats at home in the washing machine and dry in the dryer- 

I encourage you to try these new coats, I hope you love them- I have been wearing mine and feel very glamorous and conscious -

It is also not necessary to capture dolphins and whales- for aquariums- Marine life belongs in the ocean where it does most good -

Phytoplankton is responsible for more that 50% of the oxygen we breathe- whales fertilize the plankton - If the ocean dies everyone does along with it- 

Please do not visit aquariums— there is nothing educational about an animal in a cage or pool- (out of their natural environment)… there are ways now especially with Virtual reality to see animals in their natural settings- 

The world was not created just for humans to devour all in its path—