Refinery 29 - Coco de Mer... short film

I love the ending! Have you ever had a Valentine's Day like that?

Not exactly... but I think it might have been a good idea in some cases :)
What was your best Valentine's Day date ever?

I’ve been surrounded by romance my entire life—
My parents were such a great example of what true love looks like— my Dad and Grandfather were poets— they wrote such sweet letters — I have some of them-
I think
It’s a void I’ve tried to fill over and over—
The men in my life have always been extremely passionate and romantic—
It's hard to regret the good times-
Do you have any Valentine's Day rituals?

Every day is potentially Valentine's day—
It can be a lot of pressure -
I say make it every day. we never know what the future holds-
I love lingerie, candles, and my lair is a beautiful and inviting space, it's where ever I am.
that’s a daily ritual for me—  improving my life, my romantique world is precious to me..
What's your go-to sexy movie?

I love ‘Amelie’…
I live fantastically similar, I look for signs, synchronicity.  
The sexiest movies for me have not been written- they are the one’s I create in my imagination- they live inside me -

You're in lingerie for most of the film — how do you get such confidence?

I don’t know if it’s confidence- maybe it’s trust- That I’m in the place I’m meant to be.. and I’m free..
It's like playing a character for me.  
We must be brave to have fun… to get that thrill...

Do you feel different about appearing undressed now, as opposed to earlier in your career?

I’m fairly comfortable in my skin.. I love being a woman, soft, feminine, open.
I do the best I can ... I like to change the way I look.
I feel much more control these days.
I rely less on what others tell me -no matter what we look like,
sexy comes from within—

How did you learn body acceptance?

Nobody's perfect.
Imperfections are sexy.
Our vulnerabilities are what makes us attractive and unique. I feel the same fears, pangs, questions...
I just may have learned to enjoy those feelings.. If you don’t try, you never know- I think some boundaries have been placed on us by society, by other people- to enjoy life is to live as one’s true self- with out interference or judgements … as long as we are safe, respectful and loving.. we cannot make mistakes..

What was your favorite part of filming this?

I love Coco De Mer… we share the same humor, desire and esthetic..
I love the lingerie.I feel alive in lingerie..
I have been blessed with a wildly erotic and naughty mind-The idea of the film was so funny to me-
Funny is what made me want to do it.
What do you hope women take away from the film?

To remember to take time to enjoy our own bodies— self exploration, makes us better lovers— and, we cannot forget it takes work to make love better and better- fantasy is essential to happiness. to dream.. music, art.. books…
The lost art of making love, chivalry ...
Nothing can replace the dance, the romance-
to feel pleasure.. heart ache…
This film was meant to be cheeky—
It’s very Coco-
and me…