Malibu Colony

I designed my life, to be where I am at right now. 

I planned pretty well. 

It took incredible perseverance and faith. 

My career allowed me to Invest in my children's education as a priority - 

And then in property that I knew would remain valuable. 

Renting my Malibu property when it was complete, (it took me 10 years) was always my plan. 

To sustain myself financially while working full time for the causes I believe in. .

And also to develop my Canadian childhood waterfront property in Ladysmith, BC on Vancouver Island and turn what I purchased from my Grandmother 15 yrs ago into a business - 

I keep a tiny art studio and cabin there, for the boys and I, and am renovating my late Grandparents home on the same piece of land- for my parents to live in now - that takes into consideration their health and mobility. 

Knowing that my children are independent and on track and that my parents are taken care of- enables me to devote my time and energy to other worthwhile endeavors. -
I am the chair of The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.  I am on the board of directors of PETA. I am on the Russian Council of IFAW. 

I am founder of The Pamela Anderson Foundation fundraising consistently for NGO's that are on the front lines, protecting vulnerable people and animals - Exposing injustice around the world. 

I am co founder of TENURE

A budding organization which supports activists - who need life line support over time - to support their families while doing great work. 

I travel a lot - And, finally feel at home - (without a home)

And, remain mostly where I wanted to end up, In the South of France. 

I'm a bit of a gypsy - not needing much. 

I feel free- While most around me are a slave to their lifestyles or worse.

This was how I envisioned this time of my life. It was very hard work to get here. 

Everyone told me It wasn't possible - that I was in over my head. (I definitely am). 

My goal has never been money- 

The work I am most proud of has been my artistic collaborations. 

All my work with Artists and as an Activist has been for free - taking up most of my time. 

Sometimes I wonder how it all happened like a sexy blur of achievements I'm proud of - and not so proud of. 

I never chose to be an actress but have always lived as an artist. 

I wanted to be a mother, a wife- a lover - and live a romantic life. 

Engaged in the world. Surrounded by Art, Artists, culture...  

I continue to enjoy a life surrounded by bold and interesting people.. 

Drawing and writing consistently- spending time with my family -

I am blessed. 

Dreams do come true. 

My house is finally available .. for lease. 

Please contact-

Chris Cortazzo, Malibu, California.