Skavlan, Sweden

Hello Sweden,

Sweden is a beautiful and progressive country-

I love the
HM alternative/challenge -

PETA has also sent a letter to HM. We are still waiting for response-
but are optimistic that HM wishes to be a 100% animal friendly brand-

In general-
My feelings about super progressive countries-
and cultures-
that the good out weigh the bad-
of course-
We should also be sensitive to any potential down side

The feeling
I'm getting
in today's 'dating' culture
is that -
We've lost some of our sense of humor -
and might be hyper critical -
Which makes it a bit
'risky' ...
and unapproachable…

are strong.
We run countries, businesses.
We are single moms, wives,
And quite capable as adults to be responsible for ourselves,
And that includes being co-responsible for decisions being made in the bedroom-

I believe in female empowerment
but, it seems some cultures actually want to keep women viewed as victims -
to strengthen
the state…?

Within progressiveness
is 'new territory’-
that should be discussed and examined-

I support women’s rights,
There is also big risks for men
that no-one wants to talk about-

As a mother to 2 young men-
this concerns me—
the messiness of love-
searching- learning—
full of unknowns etc—
Taking chances,
risking rejection etc.

Young people are loaded with information -
good and bad—
What they view on line etc—
might not be- what love looks like—
We need to make that clear—  
As parents -
but, also collectively.
Navigating a love life.
Is emotional, and can be difficult.
Worth the risk?
I worry people are less likely to put in the effort-
in fear of disappointment, inconvenience,
heartache. or prosecution even-
and we are turning more to quick, easy fixes.
Which I think is destroying human connection.

of course,
we all naturally worry about our daughters
(Sweden sets a fine example) ,
we MUST also worry about our sons-

As for MEN,
in America-
I’m no fan of the harsh style of
I think it sets a confusing example to young people-
what is acceptable- etc—
but unfortunately there is kind of an epidemic
of typically American male crassness-
and disrespect of women- ‘locker room talk” -
I think that is embarrassingly unimaginative
and is a sign of a
complete lack of intelligence and character.

I do not wish to Demonize all men in America of course-
There is a
harshness that's hard to feel good about -

Then -
America's political discourse is unattractive -
difficult to watch.

I'm writing a book right now.
The Sensual Revolution that touches on all of this.

I've been practicing projecting strength, humanness,
It is a practice.
I'm blessed with what I have created.
A balanced Life.
I've learned that realizing my dreams are my responsibility
-asa human being-
no matter what my sex is—
I also believe we still have roles to play -
that are quite different if we are a man, or a woman.

Heterosexually -
We still want the man to make the first move..
be chivalrous-
Woo us-
and not have that misinterpreted—
make men afraid to act—
It can be quite paralyzing—

I don’t believe any woman benefits from that.  

There are too many lonely people out there—

I want to encourage loving relationships,
Including marriages of course,
for people to grow old together
living romantically
till their last days—
there IS such a thing-
My mom and dad are a good example.
My book is about sensuality -

A sexy kindness.

I think it will be
very appealing to women.
But, also to men. Who might be curious -
What women want IS mysterious -


I'm afraid people might forget how to make love.

I do point out in my book -
for fun-
One thing we might not be responsible for-
is our own orgasm.
That is our lover's job.
Or was...?
In a society that is becoming desensitized, robotic
and in some cases debilitatingly prescriptive.
Women are faking orgasms more—
maybe to just get it all over with-
It’s a lot less fun.
and such a shame-
And sends mixed signals-

Maybe this is how we deal with over-population ?
Less sex?

I do believe in zero population control,
birth control etc—
only replacing ourselves etc—

I know this is a sensitive subject and we walk
a fragile line.
We need to talk about this- honestly—

I hear so many complaints- from men and women-

I’m no guru -
I’m not a prude because I believe in Love-
I just might have a unique perspective on the subject—and I’m not afraid to talk about it-.

I’m writing my book full time,
and volunteering for  
my foundation full time now.
It is such a great feeling to be fully involved in what I'm passionate about.

I am getting more involved with
Courage foundation
Who helps to defend whistleblowers ...
Edward Snowden,
Chelsea Manning
and Julian Assange -

My relationship
with Julian -

It's no secret,

He is one of my favorite people-
He might be the most famous, most politicized refugee
of our time.
Famous for being persecuted.
Famous for being persecuted is not a position of power but a position of vulnerability.

I am concerned.

Sweden must feels a tremendous responsibility to America -
to give him up?
Which is a shame.

Julian is a human being who is extremely empathetic and cares deeply about the world.
And -
because of his work .
He has made some powerful enemies in a few countries- America especially
by exposing them.

Julian is trying to
Free the world by educating it.
It is a romantic struggle—
I love him for this-

He is the strongest person
I know-
living as he is,
is very unhealthy,
and inhumane.

I have faith that Sweden might begin to think 'progressively'
and not cave to the US-
like most other countries do-

This is a good opportunity to show Sweden’s strength-
and healthy
 individualism -

The world is watching.

The topic of Sexual responsibility, liberty and respect.
is very important to me.
all aspects of it—

And, since Sweden is leading on this subject for women.
We must look to Sweden to make the tough decisions-
and set the tone—
to protect both women and men-
We need to send a clear signal to men too-
that they are of equal importance-
Sweden is also very progressivewhen it comes to climate change.

20 percent of women between the ages of 16 and 25 are vegetarian or vegan.
Mostly for environmental reasons.

I wish those Swedish views would rub off on our new president.
It's hard to believe the American president in 2017 does not believe in Climate change.

Environmentalists are angry with election results -
rightly so-

I know it's natural and easier to blame someone -
Sometimes Julian,
sometimes Russia. ?
the actual reason-
The Democratic
establishment lost -
Is because
it abandoned the people
-and presented itself
as superior -

I do have hope-
I think the democratic party has a chance now - to reform -having learned a big lesson.
not going with Bernie Sander's caused them to lose.

As an activist,
I feel drawn to startingconversations -
not so much a
political junkie-
But, a defender of human, animal and environmental rights.
I'm interested.

We, more than ever,
need TRUE information.
This is how we empower ourselves to make the best decisions for ourselves,  
and our families.

This is a hopeful time for
Wikileaks followers-

More and more people understand that
Wikileaks can be depended on,
and is one of -
 the only
of True information
available to the public and other news agencies-

I hope Sweden can help Julian -
by building a better public
understanding -

We all want to be treated normally,
and fairly according to our individual circumstances
and not to have our vulnerabilities
be exploited by a super power,
the media, sexual politics
publicity seeking officials.

It is only fair that
Julian is set free and compensated -
and live the life he deserves -
as the UN ruling suggests.

He's a good person who cares about the world.
Everyone can see what has been done to him is wrong.

He is a kind and deeply empathetic person.
Uncompromising on principle.
Something that is born out of his
disposition to curiosity.
Often the public image projects
a harshness that Is not at all what he is like in a relaxed and trusting environment-

He’s the good guy… and I admire him greatly-

Assange quote-

“There is no peace without truth,
No war without lies” ... JA

You can't argue with that- it’s the truth-

Thank you,