Head of CIA Meltdown (about Assange)

The way that he describes CIA makes it sound like a lesser version of Wikileaks – CIA director says his mandate is to collect info and find the truth for us people –
now pissed off because Wikileaks got there first.

-also –  
in a speech in which he criticizes democratic free speech,
Pompeo says that “wikileaks should focus it's fire on autocratic regimes”
From Wikileaks-
Thanks, will do-
We'll send you the link to next Vault 7 disclosure!

Sounds like
USexceptionalism- defends right to steal secrets from any foreign adversary to protect US national interests –
but this very type of exceptionalism and myopia is preventing US from being part of peaceful international community.

Now, as for
The legal investigation -
His statement that Wikileaks directed Manning to given specific secret documents is an abuse of his position to influence on ongoing US investigation –
investigation can no longer proceed impartially and should be shut down.

I'm surprised
that he used his first public address focusing in attacking Snowden and Assange -
A skewered priority by focusing in attacking democratic criticism rather than ISIS attacks on democracy?

Is the CIA protecting US people and ideals, or themselves?

Former directors spoke of apolitical nature of job.

CIA Officers signed up for life of discretion and secrecy =
BUT there should be no secrecy for crimes or corruption,
false narratives and fictions.

"We steal secrets from our foreign adversaries (who is that?) and, we are damn proud of it – "
shows completely skewered approach of CIA -
Is the UN/foreign presidents their adversaries?
There is no right for a government to steal privacy – citizens elsewhere in the world have the same right to privacy as US citizens –
CIA cries foul regarding the idea of anyone knowing what they do
while protesting their right to do the same to everyone and anyone as long as they are not American?

There is a problem with how they define national interest?
How do they define foreign?

Where do they draw their line on spying and collecting info on US citizens (i.e. guardian Luke Harding article)

They are an organization dedicated to getting the truth and getting it right (just like Wikileaks)

CIA collecting info about people are threats to the US - Snowden & Assange seek to make a name for themselves and care nothing for lives (what about Wikileaks redactions? ) (but Snowden and Wikileaks publishes info re -threats to people around world)

"Wikileaks directed Manning to give specific secret info"?
that’s commenting on an on going US investigation –
There is no way Julian can have a fair trial in US-

What is a "non-state hostile”?

A CIA report  
That says RT actively collaborated with Wikileaks–
well then so did NY times.

Pompeo exhibits the worst traits of US exceptionalism and myopia.

Claims Wikileaks doesn’t care because doesn’t focus on autocratic regimes which seek to stifle free speech-
well if Pompeo on his pulpit is looking exactly like that-
And by the same token he should stop using his pulpit to stifle the work of a publisher rather than real threats to America- ISIS -
by focusing on Assange rather than ISIS–
does this mean that Pompeo is a stooge for ISIS? Clearly (lets hope) not-  
this is the same false logic he uses for Assange

Damage done to free world is tangible –
but Pompeo does not cite to one.

Defines ‘true whistleblowers “ –
He misunderstands the notion =
if no internal mechanisms available –
need to whistleblow externally.

"Assange has a dedicated following, with US enemies" –
is this how Pompeo views the millions of US citizens who follow Wikileaks?
Who agree with need for transparency re electoral parties?

Al-Qaeda statement?
Maybe a better way to fight is a way to fight through transparency rather than through physical attacks?

Assange a coward behind a screen –
NO -
He is arbitrarily detained due to illegal unconstitutional US investigation which Pompeo has now placed undue influence on.

"We can't allow Assange to use free speech values against us” – hmmm he is really sounding like the very undemocratic autocrat he encouraged Wikileaks to focus on.

We now need Wikileaks more than ever -
The new head of CIA is desperate and needs to save face.
Melting down in front of the world is not a good start.


"The world has to stop the men of war"
Pope Francis