Assange, Melenchon and the animals.


Of interest -

review the

Wikileaks French publications (including espionage against French political parties to steal their election plans and to spy on the candidates) 


And -

Be aware that the CIA/Pompeo has desperately vowed to "end" Wikileaks "now".

I feel the French especially understand how important it is to seek the truth.

and know 

that the people they are voting for are honest and held accountable. 

And not fall down the well of a surprise Brexit or Trump scenerio. 

Le Pen and Melenchon both have been spied upon by the US -

and both have agreed to grant Julian Assange asylum/citizenship. 

There has even been mention of the Legion of Honor by Melenchon 

a fellow animal crusader, 

climate change champion and believer in Justice for all.

How wonderful it would be to reunite Julian and his young family in France.

Mr Melenchon for President!

S'il vous plait