Paris Match (English)

Why do you feel concerned about french elections ?

I spend most of my time in France now-

I love this country. 

France has a compassionate and courageous population and I believe on election day it will express it's romantic nature.

You declared in recent TV show that you will be « a good first lady » and if you would choose a global leader it would be Julian Assange… What do you appreciate in his personality and ideas

He has a distinct and rare courage. 

He has sacrificed everything-

We must remember the powerful feathers he has ruffled - some have even recently vowed to 'end' him - in an act of obvious desperation -

It's Alarming. 

Julian is kind, funny and his mission is to free the world by educating it. I will do all I can to support him because I believe in his message. 

The UN has found 2x now that he is being illegally detained. 

He should be set free. 

And compensated. 

I hope whoever wins the French election will show the strength of Mélenchon (for Julian). 

But, for the Animals, the environment and all else-

I believe Mélenchon is by far the best and only forward thinking candidate- 

You’re involved in animal causes, Trump allows hunting for bears and wolves in Alaska, how do you react ? 

This is terrible. 

Trump is a sad leader for animals and the environment. 

To allow defenseless bears in hibernation to be killed is weak, disgraceful and cowardly.

It is as wrong as the seal hunt in canada. 

It's difficult to understand people with such little remorse or regard for the vulnerable- while existing in an ivory tower.  

It's nauseating

To think its most likely to comfort some of the republican  'hunter types' base. 

His approval ratings are lower than any president 

-so he's flexing his power, creating fear- at the expense of vulnerable animal and human life. 

He drops a bomb - the media in America get excited?

and his poll numbers go up?

It is heartless and cruel. 

It's confusing. 

This is why I want to learn all I can from honest sources. 

I want the world to be a better place for my children.

Julian has children. I think it's one of his driving forces. 

There is going to be push back when governments are exposed. 

We need to support publications like Wikileaks who are the only ones brave enough to stand up to entities that aren't used to this type of confrontation. 

Wikileaks will not be silenced. 

The public must demand it.

You can demand justice by voting sensibly. 

Not just for who you think might win. 

But, for who you honestly believe in. 

The US got in trouble by voting for Clinton in the primaries - everyone thought she could beat Trump. 

It was not an honest vote. 

A majority of democrats wanted Bernie Sanders. - 

and voted against their better instincts. 

Big Mistake 

I hope France will do better.