Celebrating Femininity

Photo by Rankin for Coco de Mer Icon Collection 

Photo by Rankin for Coco de Mer Icon Collection 

Dare I say it...

Capitalism Ate Feminism


I want to celebrate what makes us most feminine-

Things that men can't do-

like giving birth-

being a wife and mother—

our virtuous qualities-

and focus on how we can make those beautiful abilities easier on women—

Women’s health, the right to chose, hormonal health, domestic support and protection — sexual health, and prosperity in Love-

Women are not interested in the Male power struggle—

Putting women into the workforce reduced wages (around late 70's onward)

And made us slaves to the work force—

Does a middle class woman want to be a garbage man- or a high voltage line worker?— probably not. - It is the wealthier class that wishes to 'break glass ceilings' for a more lucrative or better position at work?

I don't get it.

I don't believe we are any happier this way.

Let men be men- and let women be women-

Women competing with men- does not help us— We have better things to do- like being mothers. 

Men need to protect us-

stay committed as best they can (we are human),

and care for us and our children properly.

that is what makes a man sexy to me— 

I need a real MAN-

so, I can be a Woman-

We are different for good reasons.

We need each other like puzzle pieces.

To inspire greatness in each other.

It is much more sensual-

to be who we are—

and, It also won't

emasculate men- (my mom said it's not a great idea to make more money than your man/ if you do- don't tell him? Ha!)

This makes the sexual dynamic stronger—

and with better sex-

comes happier couples —

War is not feminine-

and just because we are women-

we are not all aligned with each other—

you wouldn’t see me hugging Madeleine Albright-

who said killing families in IRAQ was ok—

That is not feminine—

to put any child at risk?—

War is for men-

it is born of Ego’s and shallow thinking-


and as an activist for the planet,

and all it’s living beings—

Nuclear war will not be good for the environment-

I don’t think money is feminine—

It is a scam—

The most important thing to me is Love-

It is what everyone needs in any class of people-

We have gotten off track-

and have not looked after our children well enough-

we have abandoned them-

had others raise them,

We have lost empathy for

people less fortunate—

and the elderly—

and for what?



I am not a conformist,

or an airhead—

I don’t share everyone’s views—

Just because some people have strong views it doesn't make them an authority.

I think for myself-

I don’t expect people to agree with me-

I’m aware It’s a risky perspective-

I am a woman-

Who is learning all I can,

every day—

assimilating information-

which transcends into my priorities …

How to be a better woman—

softer, sexier… forgiving,



That’s my goal-

and, it is a pleasurable pursuit…