FIGHT "FAKE FOOD", NOT "FAKE NEWS” by Pamela Anderson

In the run up to elections this year, several states -
the UK,
 just to name few -
said they were going to fight "fake
news" problem.

Disinformation and "fake news" (whatever it means) are certainly
problems in political processes,
but "fake foods" is much more serious matter.

In France,
I’m impressed politicians like Mr Melenchon are Vegetarian,
and Mr Macron wants to ensure organic food in schools -

Food is on the brain-

The politics of food in capitalism,
neoliberal society,
and cruelty against animals-
also food production,
state responsibility re lives of people,
and the environment.

I often think, about how many people are reluctant to consider veganism.

This is because they feel veganism is people telling them what they
can and cannot do.

This is because -
in the world we live in -
vegan food is often seen
as impractical and expensive -
or only for the privileged few.

This is because veganism seems to be about consumer choices.

Veganism is more than a consumer choice!

Veganism is a political choice!

Veganism is political!
(and sexy, and improves sex drive).

Yes, vegans want to stop animal suffering,
but not just that.

Many people who are are reluctant to consider veganism are actually
natural vegans, but they do not know it.

They do not realize that veganism is part of a larger way of life.

Part of a larger movement to reform not just the way we treat animals,
but the way we treat the world we live on and each other.

Vegans understand that the meat industry is one part of a bigger
system - the fake food industry.

Ending the meat industry is part of a larger effort -
to end the fake food industry.

Vegans understand that when animals are industrially farmed,
mistreated and slaughtered,
it is not just the animals that are

Animals are harmed.

The environment is harmed.

The developing world is harmed.

Our health is harmed.

Society is harmed.
And the economy is harmed.

Animals are harmed,
because feeding a huge number of people meat means
animals must be produced like products.
Whole species are turned into
production lines.
Animals live their whole lives just being grown to
become food.
They endure lives of cruelty,
and then they are
This is wrong.

The environment is harmed,
because to produce meat you need to feed
the animals that will become the meat.
Huge amounts of grain is
produced just to feed the animals that are being produced to create
There isn't enough land to grow all that grain,
so the
rainforests are cut down just to make room to grow the grain.
 And this
harms the planet.

The developing world is harmed,
because most of the meat that is
consumed is consumed in the developed world.
This means that a huge
amount of agricultural food that could go to the world's poor is
instead used to feed animals that will become meat for the rich parts
of the world.
That food could instead be used to feed the world.

Our health is harmed,
because meat simply isn't good for us.
beings are able to digest meat,
but they are not supposed to eat meat
in huge quantities every day.
It is not healthy.
Even so,
meat is
produced and offered as food,
and people eat it.
Research shows that
meat causes cancer.
This harms our health.

Society is harmed
because the fake food industry creates fake food which is sold cheaply to poorer people,
and communities
in the inner city.
The price of vegan food
is driven up
by the fake food industry,
so that healthy food
is unaffordable and unavailable,
and the only food they can buy is fake food and cheap meat
that makes them sick.
So this creates food inequality.

The economy is harmed,
because people who work need to be well fed to
work well.
When a society doesn't feed working people properly,
cannot work as well as they would,
and this is a drain on the economy.
If people were fed better,
the economy would be in a better state!

So I say,
 veganism is about more than choosing not to eat animal
Veganism is bigger than that.
Veganism is about saving
saving ourselves,
saving our societies and saving our planet!

If people were fed better,
the economy would be in a better state!

This is why we should demand that all politicians embrace political and
programmic veganism as a crucial part of their election pledges.

This is what political veganisms is about:

It is about about productive,
equal societies where everyone has a
chance at health and longevity.
It is about removing fake food from our supermarket shelves,
so that
what we eat won't make us sick.
It is about making good vegan foods cheaper and putting them on the
shelves in poorer communities,
because everyone deserves to eat well.
It is about reducing the strain on our health services,
healthy people don't need to go to hospital.
It is about investing in our economy by feeding working people
so that they can go to work and keep our economy strong.
It is about the future.

Paraphrasing Eugene V Debs,

The earth for all people.

Care for other species,
our companions on this planet,
 and stopping
the cruelty and slaughter.

Save the rainforest,
the lungs of our Earth.

Prevent the destruction and desecration of our planet and our natural
where we and our descendants must live.

Do not waste huge quantities of food just to produce meat,
which is
cruel to animals,
 and bad for humans.

Feed all of the world equally -
not starving one half to feed the other.