I woke up in Paris today.. 

concerned about young people as usual-

I write in the mornings. 


Some more scattered than others. 


while it is close to the 


Election - 

And I'm surfing 

the news channels 

In horror - 

Seeing what is 

going on in other parts of the world. 

From CNN to BBC to RT

I'm in shock how different people's views can be. 

That is why I watch it all.  


I wonder what 

Is the purpose of government?. 

Why do people rely on Governments for jobs?

Why is that a political issue?

Technology is a big reason there are less jobs. 

Has Trump created jobs he promised in America ? Other than trying to bring back a few jobs in coal . (Just politics)

That are destructive to the environment and destroy worker's health even. 

We have to create our own jobs. Find our own passions. 

Renewable energy - the arts, animal welfare, teaching emotional stability - 

learning about our own minds and bodies. 

People will always need hairdressers, nail technicians, beauty industry and entertainment are always great even in the worst of times. 

Designing, technology, the healthy vegan food industry- the future. 

Be forward thinking in thinking about jobs. 

Dog walking. 


Janitorial services



Are all valuable and respectable jobs.

Hotels, waiters, waitresses, cooks, hotels are full of young people working. 

List every industry in France. 

I'm curious why people blame the government for anything/they cannot be counted on really - 

Governments need to worry about healthcare, education, 

positive immigration, infrastructure, the environment 

and security. 

It's not where are the jobs? 

It's what do you want to do? 

And do it!

Just do not work in a foie-gras factory or slaughterhouse please. 

it is so sad.

And can't 

be good for the soul. 

To witness devastation every day would be very difficult and numbing. 

Protect your spirit. 

Are there jobs at wineries?. 


I loved working outside.  

I started working in fields picking strawberries and blueberries with my mom very young. 

And we picked apples for extra income. 

I waitressed at 16 part time with my mom at a pancake house while finishing high school 

and gave half my earnings to my parents. 

My parents worked very hard. 

It was impressed on me very young 

that the harder you work,

the luckier you get. 

And to chose a job that suits you. That you enjoy- 


you must work - 

and not rely on the government or anyone else

to get you jobs 


give you a check for doing nothing. 

Self esteem is important 

Hard to feel good about yourself if you're not at least volunteering at an animal shelter (if you are receiving government help)

You must still get out of bed each day early - 

and do something productive. 

Read, go to museums. 

That is your job 

if you don't have one. 

Those things are free. 

Feed your soul. 

Your brain ..


when you are ready 

And deserve it 

you will be compensated. 

Create your own job even if you are not being paid. 

Help people. 

The universe validates good decisions. 

If you are able to afford university.  

You can study to be

Doctors, nurses, Lawyers, financial advisers, writers, philosophers. 

Hard to go to university to be an artist. Might as well just get straight to it. 

No one is responsible for you, but you. 

So when voting. 

What do you look for in a candidate?

Someone who is trustworthy 

With a good track record. 

And, has heart.

We are all human. 

No one is better or worse

At the start of our lives-

Our circumstances change us I understand. 

Some have more difficult beginnings. 

Like Syrian refugees. 

It just seems the classes 

shift into 2 groups

rich or poor. 

The rich are not happier - 

Happiness is about expectations. 

Make someone happy today by accepting them, think about where they come from and what they need. 

How far they've come. 

Give them a chance. 

If you can employ people 

Do it. 

Don't discriminate. 

Take a chance on someone 

Don't fear people. 

Fear the politics. 

Fight for human rights and positive integration of refugees. 

Young people are suffering -

I hope to visit the refugees stranded in Calais and Dunkirk again soon- 

Maybe you can too. 

Bring mens clothes. No one thinks of the men there. 


Please support the 

Refugee youth service in Calais