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While watching this BBC documentary the other day


I was so surprised that some of the far right activists -

and properly far right, 

not just Front National supporters -

looked like hipsters.


that seems to be a common thing..

I suppose we have been living in a liberal age and each generation rebels against the one before it…,

and far more young people are involved in ecological or leftist movements -

they just don't get as much attention.

I think the French elections are incredibly interesting.

Although Marie Le Pen will do very well,

I do not think she will win.

There is a definite current of anti-establishment feeling which is also manifesting in support for leftist candidates like

Jean-Luc Mélenchon (currently at 20%, this is promising)

and Philippe Poutou -

It will most likely be Le Pen/Macron- 

(or better -Melenchon)

in the run off-

(It’s possible)-

but difficult to predict elections these days-

If Le Pen wins,

It's the end of the EU as we know it.

Most my friends who live in EU-

don't want to see it gone.

They say the lives of hundreds of millions of Europeans,

will be so much worse-

That maybe people forget how regularly Europeans fought each other before -

the true 'Dark Continent'.

and, they say look at the violence inflicted by European nations abroad in Libya, Iraq, and other places , UK and France-

And that countries like Hungary have gone semi-fascist -

They imagine how much worse it would be without the EU (even if they blame the EU..)

They say anyone who understands history knows that Europe would be so much more of a mess without the EU.

Even Greece, who have suffered more than anyone-


I think it is extremely belittling to say that countries would be worthless without the EU.

One must also remember that after the war there were 30 years before the EU began and it didn't drive itself into war.

There are EU alternative ideas- (

but, could reach further-


I just don't know.

Chemical attacks are a special kind of horrific.

There can be no excuse.

None whatsoever. If it was rogue commander, the buck still stops with Assad.

I don't believe it was the rebels, as some say.

He's done this before, or at least members of his regime have. 

Trump's reaction surprised me.

It's just theatre.

I don't want

the West to be dragged into another war,

but I think something must be done about the Assad regime.

It's such a vicious mess..

there are no good outcomes.

What I do think is interesting is Trump removing Bannon from the national security council and seemingly doing 'deep state' / neocon actions abroad.

His supporters are so angry!


liberals that are outraged should probably shut up -

Where were they when Obama was bombing Syria?

I suspect this war will only end when the main actors get tired..

When they become men of peace,

or a new generation takes over.

This is what happened in Lebanon, pretty much..

But Lebanon went on for 15 years -

Syria's only been 6 years so far.

How many more will have to die?

This is an interesting article

Westminster / Sweden, and Berlin last year. and Nice!-

How can you stop lone individuals from jumping into a truck and mowing down innocent people?

The lower tech the terrorism, the harder it is to stop. In fact it's probably impossible.

I suppose, rationally,

it's still so incredibly unlikely to happen.


it's difficult to think like that, I know.

I'm increasingly convinced there are no solutions of Syria. That whatever we do or not do, only time will be effective.. The main players need to become sickened by war..

or grow too old and the new generation will make the change..

Of course that's not a very positive short-

and medium-term future for the people! :(

Reactionary youth...

I read something the other day that the 'millennial' generation have social attitudes about the place of women (ie at home, not at work) that are more conservative than the generation before.

I find this interesting—

I have to agree in part.

It does feel like the expected order of things has fallen apart..

Maybe the last thirty years or so were a blip?

Or is this the blip?

Maybe technology will save us.

That jobs will become unnecessary.

Wealth shared because it's all automated.

People free to pursue their dreams.

Culture and compassion bloom. More likely we'll end up with a Bladerunner-type situation... But it's a beautiful day today and must have faith in humanity!

The future can be changed.