Response to Vanity Fair Italy

Poor Carla Bardelli (she keeps trying to fix her mistakes in article)

She is confused.

So let me explain -

The Calais and Dunkirk refugee camps burnt down.
We went to help refugees that were displaced by the fire.

As for Julian-
I know you are curious. But best to
Follow his social media for updates -

UN has twice ruled his detention unlawful and he has never been charged -
He has already been found to be innocent and the matter was previously closed in 2010 only to be re opened in a highly politicized context.

I'm not here to discuss Julian.
But we both have similar feelings regarding his refugee status. He may be the most famous politicized refugee of our time. But many refugees need our help - closing doors is not the answer.

The funds raised this night will help to purchase a youth outreach vehicle - for refugee assistance -

I have been in Calais a few times.
This time I brought my Dog from LA.  
His name is Zu (zoubisoubisou)
He is a service dog full of love and brought smiles to many refugees.

I noticed many of the young men different shoes on each foot or no shoes at all and am hoping to join with an athletic brand to donate soccer balls and shoes on my next visit.