Global Gift Gala - Philanthropist Award Speech

Thank you Eva Longoria-Baston ,
Thank you Maria Bravo and
Thank you Global Gift Gala
for giving so much -
to so many great activists
and movements.

Thank you for being part of what I like to call The Sensual Revolution.

Activism is Sexy.
Empathy is romantic,
and we could always use more romance.
Finding our purpose
is a romantic struggle.

I am a 'sexy' Activist full time.
And have lately been described 
As a 'Bizarre political poet' which I take as a compliment.
 I never intended for my writing to be poetic
but the causes I speak of, are.
I write from the
top of my head and rarely edit.
It is the way I write
It is a flow -
I ramble
Like warm water running
over me -
I feel the heat from the roots of my hair till my  
ribs ache.
-Then it comes

I don't think I could survive
if I didn't express myself this way-
I'd like to say this
Is Hot flashes?
But -
I've been having these intense
and physical reactions to them
since I was little.

Trying to communicate
my passions,
my concerns - for Animals initially,
that has bled into so many other concerns.

I never wanted to be an actress.
That was a fluke.

I wanted to do what I'm doing now.

That was just the way here.

All the shenanigans may have paid off.

I appreciate that I have a wild and diverse audience -
I have a voice that reaches people in funny places.

I like to make the best it

I've been known to give lengthy speeches
about maintaining the biodiversity of the ocean.
or the harm that
not being vegan does to the environment. Or how meat makes you impotent. (It does)

I've spoken at universities
about sexual abuse,
domestic abuse -
the importance of finding love
and happiness -
remaining human
and hopeful
despite the ugly unfairness
in the world.

It is a practice

We must engage in the world
to live a full
and blissful life.

What is our small yet
important role in the big picture.?

I really don't know where I'm going - every day is a mystery
I know I'm on the right track.

I started as an animal activist -
which led me to
understand the grave reality and dangers of man made climate change and war/
creating the refugee crisis we see today.
The possibility of Nuclear war Is real -and we must hold our governments responsible
and demand transparency -
We must not blame the messenger.
We should thank them -

I'm fortunate to have been
surrounded by artists and activists
like Vivienne Westwood
and Julian Assange -
are brilliant -
and care more about the world
than their own personal gains -
or comforts-

The goal is
To free the world by educating it.

They advise me, and teach me -

They tell me to keep going-
be brave -
to keep doing
what I do every day.

I write,
I visit refugee camps,
I volunteer at wildlife centers.
Animal shelters,
and sanctuaries.

Artists are the freedom
fighters of the world.

My foundation gives small
encouraging amounts
to people on the ground.
On the front lines - (nothing at PAF goes to administration)
I personally fund my foundations administrative needs.

The Chair of the Board of Directors of The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.  
I'm on the board of PETA ,
I'm on the Russian council of IFAW. (I speak at the Kremlin yearly) no that does not make me 'a hostile non state intelligence agency'.

I won't be bullied -

Or -

feel the need to play a role other than myself -
with all my flaws
and pre conceptions-

You could literally-
be a child victim of sexual abuse - transform that pain
and empower yourself
by something as silly as being a playboy
playmate -
marry a rockstar -
live out loud -
and still be a fantastic mom
 and activist.
unorthodox, but true.


I have an idea -
I have been thinking -
How do I create an army of 'me's
out there -
wanting to fuel the world
by transforming their pain
into loving actions.
How do I support even
more relentless, and creative me's -
more talented me's
with stronger skill sets-
I realize that I'm not only
in a position to help vulnerable people and animals-
I'm also dedicated to supporting tough and educated Trail Blazers
who are changing the world for good.
Risking their lives, and
liberty for all of us.

It is inspiring  
to see people set out on their cause and achieve great things-
but then it is disheartening to see that as time goes by -
and funds dwindle -
they remain passionate
but become exhausted -
and bit by bit -
I have seen some great activists leave the industry.
The industry of change.
The industry that is there to make our life, our world,
and our future
a better place.

so I would like to mention here the idea that I am currently putting into motion.
'Activist TENURE'
The idea of giving Activists tenure.
Sustaining them,
Enabling them in their activism
by taking away the pressures of simple survival.

Granting them tenure,
similar to what happens in academic tenure.

Giving 10 activists a year -
an annual salary for 10 years to remain relentless to their cause rather
then them wasting their time looking for funding
or working a menial job to feed their family-  

We have a diverse board that includes Julian Assange, Vivienne Westwood, Paul Watson and others. We would have to come to
100 percent agreement on nominations.

Investing in PEOPLE
in a way that creates the possibility for them to become career activists.

If we never back down.  

We can make the
world a better place-

A safer place for every one.
Not just the 'chosen' few.

Stay tuned.

There will be an auction later this evening .
My foundation will benefit from the opportunity to go on the global gift gala Sardinia trip - Global Gift graciously offered
50 % to PAF that I will give directly to Tenure. -
the seed money to birth a much needed movement.
Please give generously -

It is a positively radical movement that will be funded mostly by artists, or people that want to kick it up a notch.

We won't let you down.

*Let me add
how happy I am that
Chelsea Manning will be FREE tomorrow -
A true, and gentle hero.

Thank you