The Honorable Bariša Čolak - Speaker of the House of Peoples - Bosnia and Herzegovina's

The Pamela Anderson Foundation

May 26, 2017

The Honorable Bariša Čolak

Speaker of the House of Peoples

Dear Mr. Čolak,

I applaud Bosnia and Herzegovina's decision to ban fur farming. But I was shocked and disappointed to learn that the deadline for the ban may be extended by another 10 years, following an urgent procedural vote by the House of Representatives. Animals suffer terribly on fur farms. On behalf of kind people everywhere, I urge you and the other members of the House of Peoples to stay committed to ending fur farming by 2018.

PETA investigations have revealed that chinchillas and minks on fur farms — animals currently being raised and killed in Bosnia and Herzegovina — are often confined to filthy, cramped cages and may suffer from open, festering wounds before they're killed by means of electrocution or gassing. Fur farmers have already had nine long years to make the transition out of this cruel trade, and any further delays will tarnish our country's international reputation.

As an honorary director of PETA who has dedicated most of my life to helping animals suffering in the fur industry, I am proud of every country that decides to ban fur farming. I would be thrilled if Bosnia and Herzegovina joined Austria, Croatia, the Netherlands, Slovenia, the U.K., and other nations in taking a stand against cruelty by abolishing all fur farms.

Thanks for your time and consideration.

Kind regards,

Pamela Anderson