We have more than - A ''Romantic Life"

photo by David LaChapelle

photo by David LaChapelle

I'd rather
dampen any romance rumours -
Lessen it's gravitas -
I'm already at
a disadvantage - (perception)

It's a distraction.
when so much is at stake.

I know I can be quite effective in this debate.

As a victim of sexual assault
I have authority to speak
on the matter.

Not as Julian's 'romantic interest'
but as someone with experience
and perspective -

and seeing -

the injustice of people
turning a serious political struggle
into a discussion
on male privilege.

I don't think Wikileaks is sexist,
I think it is intellectually elitist.

I have to say it a lot of this
'feminist' discussion is intellectually retarded.

the documentary is problematic -

If you take away the sexist angle and reframe it as power dynamics,
Let's examine Laura's relative role to the organisations and her subjects. Her wealth.
Her oscar.
Julian's role relative to others in the organisation in terms of freedom and exposure to political persecution.
The narrow lens Laura has picked has been to please a narrow constituency.

the trappings.

Sad -

The wrong Wikileaks and Assange will suffer from the flaws,
the avantgardiste acceptance of a penetration of their intimacy none of their adversaries accept,
will be nothing in the long term compared to the destructions inflicted by secrecy and it's upholding by the powerful.
As a man making history,
Julian has accepted to confront himself to the judgment of others.
He has done it in accordance to his principles and will remain faithful to them, however painful and unfair it might be.
There will be a time in which Ms Poitras will realize how much wrong she has inflicted,
and how biased her approach has been to this asymmetric access to an intimacy others,
including Snowden,
have refused to expose in faith.
Her exploitation of this access and the judgmental lines that she ended drawing from it are both logic and sad for her.
Instead of realizing her chance,
trying to understand, she started judging those who had had the courage to expose themselves.
In spite of courage and humanity, bitterness and willingness to conform herself.
Fear of the judgment of others.
Of what would have been said if she hadn't distinguished herself. Maintained,
over solidarity and values,
her singularity.
Existed in the eyes of the other. Betrayal.
To survive at all costs.
Including dignity,
truthfulness, and the lives of others. Good luck Laura.
Good luck in your loneliness.
It is an epidemic
Even more so
In your opportunistic institution

You let us down..