Sea Shepherd Gala Speech

Hello Friends.
It's nice to be back in LA among true warriors
and the generous people who support them -
-in a time where American's looks like self indulgent assholes.
We might sway that perception by continuing the good work of Sea Shepherd.
We must press on -
The ocean is what connects us all.

As a director and the official chair of Sea Shepherd international
it is my honour to welcome all of you to Sea Shepherd’s 40th Anniversary Celebration.

Sea Shepherd began in 1977, founded by Captain Paul Watson in my home province of British Columbia, Canada.

Since then Sea Shepherd has evolved into the most significant marine wildlife conservation movement on the planet.

The Sea Shepherd fleet of 10 ships is the largest non-governmental anti-poaching navy in the world and Sea Shepherd is now registered in over 40 nations.

There are 7,000 whales swimming free in the Southern Ocean
because Sea Shepherd ships and
crew intervened.

Sea Shepherd successes are marked by lives saved, habitats protected, and criminals brought to justice.

With us tonight are quite a few Sea Shepherd captains, officers and crew and it is important to stress that these brave men and women have accomplished so much -and only able to -
because of people like yourself.

The Sea Shepherd Navy has four divisions.

The first are the courageous men and women who operate the ships, stand as Guardians at the Cove in Japan or walk the beaches of Costa Rica to stop turtle poachers.

The second are the hundreds of unsung volunteer shore supporters around the world who keep Neptune’s navy running, raising funds, organizing supplies, speaking in schools, attending conferences, cleaning beaches of plastic, organizing local campaigns and events and assisting the ships whenever the ships are in their area.

The third division are the thousands of supporters around the world that provide the donations to keep the ships at sea.

The U.S. Navy has taxpayers to keep the ships afloat.
Sea Shepherd has you.

And finally the fourth division, three of whom we are honouring tonight, the incredibly generous people who have made it possible for Sea Shepherd to secure the most important tools in our campaigns – our ships.

Our three honorees this evening are

Bob Barker

John Paul DeJoria

And Martin Sheen

Their names are proudly displayed on the bow and stern of our intrepid ships an honour they share with those whose names grace six of our other ships.

Brigitte Bardot

Dr. Bronner

The late Sam Simon

The late Farley Mowat

The late Jairo Mora Sandoval

And the late Steve Irwin.

Sea Shepherd’s Navy is composed of our ships, our drones, our crews and the most powerful weapons on this planet – cameras.

We go into battle with cameras instead of guns -
The truth is our most powerful weapon.
Evidence and Awareness.

Sea Shepherd practices aggressive non-violence and over these last 40 years not a single person -we have opposed-
has been injured and we have not suffered any serious injuries to our crew despite being shot at, beaten, and attacked with spears, grenades and other projectiles.

Sea Shepherd was established as an anti-poaching organization but it has become much more over the years.

Today Sea Shepherd inspires people around the world to understand that they can make a difference, that each and every one of us has the power to change the world.

Thank you.