Vive la France

As I leave the memorial in Nice 

I want to express my condolences to the families of the victims on this sad anniversary 

of last years tragic event. 

In the spirit of freedom 

I hope 

President Macron 

might consider giving 

Julian Assange asylum 

for exposing all that US spying on French presidents, ministers and industry. 

Today is day of Liberty, 

Equality and Fraternity. 

This would show strength 

and this will differentiate President Macron 

from Mr Hollande. 

The UK would like to get rid of Julian 


Trump would also like that result - 

so it would be beneficial and

it's the right thing to do 

The human rights issues are very important.

The UK is stuck because it doesn't want to lose face 


this is a terrible situation that needs resolution.

Please see


which is mostly backed and paid for by France


Like the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, -

President Macron is enjoying a lot of international admiration from liberals for being the "centrist" answer to the far right.  

So there is a lot of opportunity and incentive for him to put lots of progressive issues front and center.

He's already done this kind of thing by offering jobs to American climate scientists etc.

A historic change is taking place with the internet, and everyone's rights is in jeopardy. The world is in need of a statesman who has the foresight and the wisdom to recognize this, and who is willing to make it his personal project to ensure that the necessary policies are put in place to protect these rights in the new environment.

Here is a list of things Macron could/should do to bolster his international reputation as a "pragmatic progressive" :

- end mass surveillance by French intelligence agencies as a forward-looking, modern liberal grand gesture.

- make a big deal about taking steps to recognize the right to online privacy of French citizens, and make protecting civil liberties online a personal project

- take a strong pro-business stance by commiting to the protection of strong end to end encryption in France for French and foreign companies whose business model relies on encryption, and advocate against moves to undermine online businesses by criminalizing encryption in international bodies and other countries

- seek to protect French values against erosion by the internet by seeking to support national alternatives to global internet monopolies such as Google and Facebook, and support processes at the European Union and in international bodies aiming at breaking up internet monopolies to ensure fair competition in online markets

- commit to the protection of whistleblowers, especially those who have revealed the nature of mass surveillance to the people of France

    - Julian Assange

    - Edward Snowden

- seek to end the state of emergency in France, and seek to remove the excuse for ISIS existence by bringing the conflict in Syria to an end via peaceful and diplomatic means.


Vive la  France 🇫🇷 

I am so happy to be living here. Im the country of love.

I hope to be some part of progressive change in France .

Mr President

I will help in any way I can.