BULLFIGHTING : HEADS OR TAILS ? It’s all the same...

A bullfight, that bloody rite condemned by the majority of Europeans, consists of torturing six bulls for a quarter of an hour each. First of all, the picador thrusts his lance, six inches into the bull’s neck and twists it inside the wound to sever the ligament. Then he opens up the wound by driving in six harpoons, three inches long : the banderillas. Then the animal is put to death, supposedly with a single sword-stroke. However, this is extremely rare. The unhappy record stands at 34 attempts.

But the worst happens before. Some bullfighters demand that the bulls be mutilated before they come to the bullring. They are willing to take fewer risks while earning up to $ 80 000 for a single performance. The horrible practice – afeitado - consists of sawing off, with no pain killer, two to four inches of the horn. The nerve is then pushed back towards the root and the tip is sharpened again. A bull’s horns are sort of antennae. Mutilating them, deprives him of his spatial perception. Moreover, in 2001, a study found that 40 Spain’s bulls out of 200 were drugged before stepping into the ring to show less aggressiveness 

In addition, the spaces in which the animals are raised are getting smaller and smaller. Their muscular qualities are so deficient that they often fall to their knees as soon as they enter the bullring. As for the animals’ health, Alliance Anticorrida has obtained autopsy reports stating that a damning proportion of bulls suffered from tuberculosis and other serious illnesses. This led to the meat (usually sold) being seized. 

In these circumstances, how can one dare talk about an equal fight ? In 60 years, seven bullfighters have been killed compared to a proportion of 180 000 bulls. Moreover the law allows anyone, where there is an uninterrupted local tradition, to torture and put a calf to death under horrible conditions. Children practise and the sword goes in and comes out again, while several of them gang together to finish the animal off. Its death throes end in a blood bath. 

Even bullfighting schools exist where children, from the age of nine, are taught the art of torturing and killing. These so called schools are subsidised by the authorities using tax payer’s money. Nonetheless, Alliance Anticorrida managed to ban all the under sixteen bullfighters from killing bulls in France

Encouragement for bullfighting creeps in everywhere, into schools and even hospitals. In Marseilles a show was put on for children suffering from cancer. While no blood was shed, the children were insidiously given a taste for cruelty. Bullfights use the perverse techniques of seduction : colours, glittering costumes, brass bands and sunshine. Everything masks the bloody reality, even suggesting that, in Portuguese bullfights, the bulls are not killed. This is never the case. The animals are systematically slaughtered, away from curious eyes, when they get back to the stable. What’s more, some think that bullfights are « with it », smart and show-business. And others, for fear of rejection, won’t admit that they just don’t like them.

Bullfighting cannot be justified. No argument stands up to objective examination. Justifying bullfighting for economy reasons doesn’t hold water. It’s like justifying cruelty for money. Moreover, Victor Hugo, Courteline and André Malraux, famous French opponents of bullfighting, are worth just as much as the proponents, Goya, Picasso and Hemingway quoted by bullfight lovers as examples. 

And to matadors who insist that they love bulls, we answer : « You don’t kill what you love ». In 1992, two French bullfighters, upset and vengeful because Spaniards ones had been more popular, set a punitive expedition prior to a bullfight. And who did they attack ? The organisers ? Not at all. They stabbed to death the bulls shut up in the corrals ! These brave bullfighters, sentenced in 1994, are today glorified by the medias, praising their courage. 



In 2016, after a long struggle, Alliance Anticorrida succeded in having the « Feast of the bull tied to a rope » forbidden in the whole South in France. Alliance also bought seven polls to show bullfighting is not the tradition of the inhabitants, even in the ten departements which organize bullfights. Thanks to the Alliance Anticorrida’s actions Lee Cooper, McDonald's, Afflelou, Yves Rocher, Interflora, Frank Provost, Véolia, Danone, Zippo, Société Générale, Crédit mutuel, Larousse, Pepsico , Géant, Carrefour, Auchan, Aldi, Intermarché, Castorama, Leader Price, IKEA, Puy du Fou, Cora etc. have stopped promoting bullfights in their communication. In ten years 20 cities have stopped organizing bullfights See http://villes-taurines.fr