VSD Interview/english

1, When and how was born your connection with animals and your ecological consciousness ?

*I have been an activist since I was little. And, have always had an affinity with animals. So it was a natural move for me to share all the attention I was getting world wide on Baywatch. I joined forces with PETA - I sent a handwritten letter that said "please use me..."

2, Do you think that your early struggles participate in the creation of this distinctive sensitivity?

* I still prefer animals to most people.

3, Do you remember your first steps as an activist ?

* I got my Dad to stop hunting - I always was the one people would bring the bird with a broken wing to. Or the cat that walked sideways. I have been surrounded by misfits my whole life. I think I'm in love with loving even the seemingly'unlovable'.
It is part of my charm.  

-4, Why did you decide to launch officially your own Foundation in 2014 ?

* I had my foundation set up for 10 yrs before this. I knew that this would be a huge part of my adult life. I worked so much and I raised my own kids without a husband or nannies. I had no time.
Then I decided to put more energy into it when I was with my last husband who preferred I didn't work or drink (or do anything away from him) - he was very generous? -
Maybe out of boredom I launched PAF officially. I am still yet to make best use of it. I hate to fundraise.
But the funds PAF does generate - We share wisely with people on the front lines. The ones risking their lives to make a difference.
My decisions are not always popular- but effective.
I am in the board of directors of PETA, the Russian council of IFAW (and speak at the Kremlin regularly).
I am the international chair of the board of directors or The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.
And am a founding member of TENURE along side Julian Assange. Supporting Activists who make changing the world for good-
A full time job.

5, You fight for theses causes for a long time. But it seems that your implication increases since a few years. Why ?

*I have more time.
But I have always been very active politically and engaged in the world. Maybe you are just noticing.
I do not do this for attention for myself. But for animals and people that suffer unnecessarily and have no voice.

6, Would you say that your priorities have evolved ?

*My priorities are the same. I was raised by empathetic women. My father is a poet and extremely bright.
My Grandfather was my biggest influence. An artist - who told me the trees speak to us. He taught me about nature and fairy tales. Nymphs and Fairies. Mythology.

7,  How could you define your activism today ? Would you say that philanthropy is now your full-time job ?

*I am a full time philanthropist,
mother to 2 beautiful and compassionate grown men and I draw, paint.
Writing my book. The Sensual Revolution. The lost art of sensuality out in the Fall.
I am co conspirator with Coco de Mer and have a Pamela loves Coco de Mer line of lingerie out this December. Amongst other Sensual devices.
I rent out my property in Malibu - I'm building a business
on my waterfront property in Canada with a new home for my parents - I'm renovating my Grandmothers's old house...  I'm very busy.
But I love living in the south of France.
It's nice to be able to get around Europe quickly.

8, What are precisely your current fights and campaigns for animals and environment ?

*I was in Nîmes lately protesting bull fighting. It's always touchy trying to change traditions or culture. There are always those who just can't let it go because of many reasons but most of all ignorance and unwillingness to evolve. Just like the cruel seal hunt in Canada or the slaughter of defenseless whales as a blood sport in the Faroes. People get spitting mad. Fortunately it's generational- and the youth are coming and much more open to new ways of being.
I do something every day.
I just convinced the Mayor of Jackson in USA (the 'fattest' city in USA) to go vegan for one month as a good example to community - I am creating a line of faux fur coats in Moscow with 'only me'.
Sea Shepherd and PETA are very active and I'm always involved.
If the oceans die. So do we.
It is urgent.
We need to leave it alone so it can replenish itself naturally. It may take 50 years.
I'd love to go to Yemen. I'm working on putting together a humanitarian visit. ASAP.
I think there is an opportunity presently to save Yemen.

There is increasing recognition of the catastrophe and many women, children and men are dying every day. A new cholera infection every few seconds as a result of the war, I'm curious to help - I'm interested in a UNHCR, UNICEF or Red Cross mission.

9, How do you feel about Donald Trump’s decision to quit the Paris climate agreement ?

*Maybe USA was in it for the wrong reasons to start with.
They are married to oil. Maybe things will run smoother now. There is always a silver lining.

10, You visited refugee camps in Calais several times this year. Is the migrants’ situation one of your priority currently ?

*We are all potential refugees - climate refugees. Just wait till you need a hot meal or a bed to sleep in.
I put myself and my kids in a refugees shoes. I would do the same to give my kids a better life.
Risking so much for a better life. They are all heroes.
And we must do our part to help.
The propaganda is ridiculous. It's Infuriating how these young people are being treated.

11, You are also fighting for a political asylum for your friend Julian Assange. What do you think of his situation since the Swedish justice has dropped their rape inquiry ?

*Of course Sweden dropped their 'case' -there was nothing there. I pathetic attempt at extraditing him to USA. I hope Macron grants Julian Asylum in France. I believe he just might. He is forward thinking. It would be a strong message to send to the world. We are watching him closely.

12,  Why do you decide to spend all summer in Saint-Tropez this year ? What are you plans ?

*It's my favorite place in the world so far. I have worked - done photoshoots here many times. And my plan was always to come here before I was 50 after building and renting out my house out in Malibu.  
I did it. It took a lot of hard work. Perseverance. I'm still working on my dream. I love my dreams. I make them happen.

13,  It seems that you have a spiritual affiliation with Brigitte Bardot. How could you explain this link ? What is your relationship with her ?

*We speak on the phone occasionally - she has called me 'her daughter'. We both love animals. She is a big inspiration and such a beautiful woman. I love the style of St Tropezin the 60's. Bardot was integral to that scene. Bohemian. Sexual Freedom. Love.

14, You said France is « your adopted home. » What do you like so much in our country ?

*I love French people mostly. So polite and interesting. I love the language too. I am learning French quickly. I am Canadian so I have a good base. But never spoke the language out loud.
I understand mostly.
I do need a professeur.
I have noticed that it's tough to do business here. I've been let down a few times.
I'm Canadian.
My word is enough. A handshake means something.
Maybe I've just been unlucky
In France so far- in this regard.
Also -
I'm not used to men gossiping? -
It's not attractive.
But I'm happier here more than anywhere. It's an observation an experiment.
It's a new world.
It's exiting.

15, The 19th January 2016, you came in Paris to defend the ban of force-feeding ducks and geese in front of the Assemblée nationale. What are your memories of this day ?

*It was chaotic. So much press people trampling each other. I got my message out on record. That was important.
Even though it may have been a joke to some. It meant a lot to people who care about this barbaric treatment of defenseless geese.

16, Do you consider yourself a feminist ?

*Not really. I don't like anyone telling me what a woman should be. And that Includes by feminists . I love being a girl. It has plenty of advantages. And being a man has plenty of disadvantages if you really think about it.  Statistically. I empathize with men. Having 2 young men who are my children- I can't help but worry about them. As well as women and children of course.

17, Do you feel like you had to fight for establishing your legitimacy as an advocate for environment ? Do you think your image helped or was a brake ?

*No I just keep fighting for causes I believe in.  I'm surrounded by artists and smart people like Vivienne Westwood and Julian Assange. So people can feel comfortable. That Im well informed and I love culture, history, art and an avid reader. This is how we engage In the world. It is romantic to care. To read, to go to museums. Stay Engaged !

18, 25 years after, how do you feel about Baywatch and your cult red swimsuit ? And about being such an icon ?

*I don’t think it was that long ago?, but, I think it's funny. I loved Baywatch. It was so fun to be on the beach everyday with my Dog. Then my kids.
I love being outside in the Action. The swimsuit I still have. It still fits.

19, You said that your innocence saved you during in Hollywood. In what way ?

*Naivety maybe. Somehow I missed the typical troubles girls find in Hollywood. My beliefsystem that no one is essentially bad.
This carried me through.
Even in the most dangerous of times. Looking back.

20, You just celebrated your 50th birthday. What does that represent for you ?

*I don't like birthdays.
People say Je n'ais pas d'âge.
This is how I feel.  I like this expression.

21, How could you explain the path that led you to be the advocate for people and environment your are today ?

*It came naturally.

22, What are your role models ?

*My mother.

23, How do you share you fights with your two sons ?

*They know of everything I do. They were raised by me. I love it when they speak about a cause they believe in. They are their own people - I am very proud of them both.
Brandon the Actor
Dylan the Musician.
Drawn to the arts. I know they will both contribute to the world in positive ways.

24, What are your next projects, in militancy and arts ?

*I have no plans. Lots of offers. I don't know yet. Right now I'm enjoying the fruits of my life so far. I'm always in love ...
I'm lucky I can make this is my priority. Love is all that matters.

25, What about you book « The Sensual Revolution », to be published in 2018 ?

*It's about desensitization. Reminding people the importance of making love. .

26,  In what way do you think you inspire people ?

*I think I have led a unique life. My best experiences were overcoming fears and societal expectations. I springboard into the unknown when I let all that go.

27,  What is your motto in life ?

*Be you! And love fearlessly without expectation. Today is the only day we can count on.