Happy July 4th

Tonight one of my big dreams come true—

It is opening night at La Table du Marche by Pamela

My first Vegan restaurant with my favorite chef - Christophe Leroy

Christophe and I met at a fundraiser in Paris- He catered the event with the most beautiful Vegan food I have ever had— we sat and discussed doing a pop up restaurant for 50 days during the busy season in St Tropez- 

So many people come to St Tropez from all over the world— I hope that sharing this sexy experience will ignite hearts and minds to veganism-

Eating meat is one of the leading causes of global warming - factory farming must be left in the past—

Eating meat also leads to impotency- a vegan diet is better for your sex life— and I am very focused on the aphrodisiac qualities of a plant based diet— all the food in my restaurant is designed to create love- by not harming any life and bringing joy into the bedroom…and the world…

the atmosphere is very romantic and playful— I have performances, champagne, swings - good music.. chandeliers, candles in the garden- it is an experience -

We hope to make people fall in love with each other and compassionate eating..

Being Vegan is a political statement, as is using green energy..

this is how we can live anti establishment- it is PUNK to not follow the bewildered herd-

we are blessed to live where we can make these forward thinking choices— we must for those that can’t—

the more vegan we are- the less world hunger… less poverty, better for the environment

There are so many health benefits- vegan is NOT boring— please come see me at my restaurant … you won’t be let down.

La Table du Marche by Pamela


Les Moulins de Ramatuelle

Route des plages 83350 Ramatuelle

Tél : 04 94 97 17 22

Make a Reservation/Réserver une Table: www.m.lafourchette.com/fr_FR/restaurant/la-table-du-marche-by-pamela-anderson-restaurant-vegan/20463