I'm on to you ....


I'm on to you ....


"What about the women?”

has always been used by those in power to justify their brutality from WWI and the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan to the detention of the most effective dissidents and campaigners for liberation. (Julian Assange)

In WWI co-opted women in Anglo countries would go around putting "coward" ribbons on the doors of war resisters.

Gloria Steinem was a paid, admitted CIA agent and girlfriend of Henry Kissinger. Feminism was repeatedly exploited to fracture the US civil rights movement including by pitting black women against black men. The FBI even tried to destroy MLK with illegally recorded sex tapes of his affairs.

Feminism correctly depicted a powerful patriarchy, which of course co-opted them in an instant to split resistance, justify warfare, and flood the labour market with poorly ununionised female labour, leading to a huge growth in profits but no growth in male real wages in the US since 1973.

In Europe corporatised feminism has led to a collapse in the European birth rate, which is now almost half the replacement level of 2.1 children per woman.

Corporations hate children as they take women off the labour market leading to increased wages and higher corporate taxes -- to pay for childbirth, paediatrics and education.

Together most 'feminist' writers and corporations pimp corporate careerism which is now the dominant establishment ideology. Feminists once understood that there is no meaningful difference between 'the patriarchy' and 'the establishment'.

These anti-mother policies result in a scarcity of young adults which would normally have the effect of driving up wages.

Rather than invest in mothers and children to rebalance the birth rate corporatism has found cheaper solutions: Filch young labour from other countries by expanding the EU and increasing inwards migration. Why pay mothers and teachers to build young adults if you can get them elsewhere for free?

The resulting social turmoil and wage suppression has fuelled the rise of the populist right.

Systems of censorship are always turned on the oppressed. The first struggle in any liberation movement is to be heard.

But western feminists have now joined forces with giant transnational corporations like Google and extreme anti women states like Saudi Arabia to promote pervasive online censorship, because "what about the women".

I'm on to you,