WBAI Radio Interview NYC (with Randy Credico)



Yes, I was mentioned in the New Yorker interview -

and, maybe I can help clarify some of my motivation for visiting Julian. -

To humanize him. 

That this is a person who has spent 5 years in a single room.

And that despite this, he shows such fortitude of spirit and clarity of thought. He has many interesting things to say,

and a fascinating understanding of the world.

And not only this,

but I learn a lot about the human spirit by seeing how he has been able to keep it together through such hardship and over such a long period of confinement.


Ibelieve he needs human connection -He needs company, to see the world through others' eyes,

and this is why I believe it is important to visit him.

This is someone who has made tremendous sacrifices,

and my idea of activism is that it must be compassionate for people in adversity.

My broader perspective which includes veganism comes from a basic sense of compassion for all living creatures.

If we are to be consistent,

that compassion should apply to all animals and people ,

not just the ones we know.

One thing that I'd like to say is that Julian has held his head high and born his adversity with dignity,

if there is any fairness in the world,

the Department of Justice would call off its prosecution of him.

He has already spent five years confined in a small room.

He hasn't done anything wrong,

but even if you think he has,

surely he has been punished enough. So it's time for the US government to do the right thing and close the WikiLeaks case.

As for upcoming,

this week a case is being heard at the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, and Julian's lawyers have submitted a letter to it,

arguing for the rights of asylum seekers.

If the case is successful,

it could change the law,

meaning that other people who are arbitrarily detained could win their freedom.

It's a complicated scene these days.

With the havoc of America.

It's unpredictable.

It's a challenge to make sense of it all.

But no more confusing than any other time in history.

We are more informed.

And must be responsible -

by making better choices and not demonizing the messenger.

We get fixated on what media tells us. How, when, why?


The content of the cables are most important. Hillary lost her own election.

No one else helped her fail.

The world runs differently now. We are evolving and changing.

And Julian /Wikileaks is a catalyst - partly responsible for this awakening.

It may not be what you want to hear.


it's the truth.

And we must deal with it.

Be compassionate, evolveand do the right thing.

It feels like the Wild West - bogus

Feminism, cyber currency -

Tapping into fear and making excuses

while the few stay informed and get more powerful.

It's a dirty trick - but the jig is up -

I think it’s a real option-

A Pardon for Julian -