In London... and, for the animals


The biggest UK priority at the moment is urging the government to follow through on its promise to ban circuses that use wild animals.
PM Theresa May needs to act - it has vast bipartisan majority support but MPs keep sitting on it and saying they'll introduce "when parliamentary time allows". The bill that was drafted 2 years ago after 94% of Britons said they support it.

Austria, Belgium, Holland, Slovenia, Mexico, and many more have banned them -England, which was the first country in the world to pass legislation to protect animals, but is now lagging far behind other countries on this issue.  

In some UK circuses, lions and tigers are carted around the country and beaten to perform - until a ban comes into effect, there's nothing to stop circuses from acquiring more wild animals. Circuses force wild animals to live chained inside of cages or pens - whips, muzzles, and electric prods are constant reminders that these animals are being forced to perform out of fear.