Email to Canada Goose Employees

I hope this e-mail finds you well. On behalf of my friends at PETA and kind people everywhere, I encourage you to use your unique position as a Canada Goose employee to urge the company to end its use of coyote fur.

Despite what your employer might tell you, the traps used to catch wild coyotes whose fur is used to trim Canada Goose's coats crush the animals' necks or snap shut on their legs, often cutting to the bone. The coyotes can struggle and suffer for days in a trap, and those who don't die from exposure to the elements, blood loss, infection, or attacks from predators are shot or bludgeoned to death when the trapper returns. Victims desperate to free themselves from traps—some of whom are mothers with starving pups waiting for them—will even attempt to chew off their own limbs. Please watch this 15-second video and I'm sure you'll understand why I'm so concerned.

There are no regulations in the fur trade that prevent this kind of suffering, but there are many beautiful, innovative materials that we can use instead of fur. That's why hundreds of major designers and retailers—including Arc'teryx, Giorgio Armani, Helly Hansen, The North Face, Patagonia, Ralph Lauren, and REI—have already eliminated fur from their lines and use luxe modacrylics and other innovative materials that are just as warm and beautiful as animal fur without any of the cruelty.

Please, use your insider advantage to urge Canada Goose to make the simple transition to using exclusively animal-friendly faux fur or remove the fur trim entirely. It would be a move that millions around the world would support, and I'd be the first to celebrate such news.

Thank you for your compassion. Sincerely,

Pamela Anderson