Netanya Animal Rights

dear pamela

We ( Jane and I ) and all the people fighting for Animal Rights in Netanya, Israel, are deeply thankful for your kind and important letter giving your support.

Time to evolve beyond using and abusing animals. I am honored to have Jane Halevy to be our secondseat and informed moral guide in Animal Rights.

Your amazing ethical and empathetic long time global fight for Animal Rights continues to be a hugebeneficial catalyst in the positive change that is evident.

I hope that our party shall be voted in that our Fur Free policy can be implemented in addition to action for better care for our cats and dogs and indeed all animals in Netanya.

It’s our hope that other city councils shall then enact like policy too.

Once again we are sincerely grateful for your kind letter and all that you do for Animal Rights.

Best appreciations,

Party leader of Our Netanya

YONI JORNO .Adv Chairman of our Netanya List