UK decision/Assange-

The Judge Baroness Arbuthnot of Edrom is the wife of Lord Arbuthnot, a Tory peer and one of the UK’s top security supremos. 
The Baron is a former UK minister of defence; former Chair of the Defence and Security committee (for 9 years until 2015); member or chair of numerous other parliamentary national security committees, including being one of the UK parliaments cyber war gang of four and the immediately former Chair of the Friends of Israel. Until 5 Jan 2018 (months after the first filing of Julian’s Arbuthnot case) He was one of three directors of SC Strategy.
The others? 
Both former heads of MI6. 
The company? 
Half owned by a former head of MI6. 
Lord Arbuthnot is the current Chairman of Information Assurance Advisory Council an anti-hack, anti-leak company posing as a non profit which grabs government contracts for its friends.;
Chairman of Thales’ Advisory Board, a large arms and security company; Chairman of IRM Security Advisory Board, a GCHQ contractor based in Cheltenham; and so on. 
The Baron is revealed in WikiLeaks’ cables talking to the Deputy Chief is Mission about the UK’s Afghanistan policy and nuclear weapons policy. 
WikiLeaks’ exposed Thales’ mass interception racket— 
docs on gear and services secretly supplied to intelligence agencies to do it.
Baroness Arbuthnot and her husband have been on at least one trip to Israel paid for by its government.
Lord Arbuthnot is seen in a recent set piece, Israeli flag planted two meters behind him, his shovel breaking soil, stealing land (disguised as planting trees). This led the Baroness to grief last year when she was forced to recuse herself the day before the trial of a “criminally offensive ” YouTube white nationalist chanteuse who had satirised the holocaust in one of her songs.

After Arbuthnot was recused she found herself satirised in a song « The judge who gagged me » .


Re- Sweden:Assange

Assange’s opposing council in Sweden who slandered Julian many times, and who became the face of the #metoo movement in Sweden is under formal investigation by the bar association. 16 former female employee lawyers and six clients of her firm of 14 lawyers have come forward to denounce her for financial fraud and harassment. #FreeAssange