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Yes, you CAN be a sex symbol and have hot flashes too... Baywatch star Pamela Anderson opens up , about her love of France and the ´romantic struggle’ Julian Assange faces.

Down in the South of France it feels like summer, even in February. Warm sunshine dapples the ochre walls, the Mediterranean is a-sparkle and love, crazy love, is in the air.
For here in Marseille, Pamela Anderson has found herself in the grip of un grand amour; she is madly in love, oblivious to the language barrier and the age gap that might have kept less reckless lovers apart.

For a woman who is no stranger to wild and crazy romance— she married her first husband rocker Tommy Lee four days after meeting him.
Consider the evidence.
Pamela is the former Baywatch star, who’s had two husbands, two sons and is now an actress-turned-activist whose causes include animal welfare, the environment and refugees.
Her boyfriend is a french international defender, who is also the father of twin baby boys -


Oh please don’t ask me about Adil.
I don’t want to talk about my private life. ,’ We’ prefer to protect it.
There are a lot of fake relationships out there people can obsess on. We are not that.
He is not with me because he wants attention- definitely not.
He is a very talented soccer player.
A good father.
That’s all I wish to say-
Yet somehow she cannot stop herself. It’s just too intoxicating. ‘We have a very healthy, simple wonderful life.
We are happy together - I’d rather talk about what we agreed upon.
The couple have lived together for the past six months in Marseille, where he plays -
Life is good,
France is a great central location to all the causes I'm deeply involved in.
Every time I put even one foot in the Mediterranean, I think the many refugee families that have lost their lives.
I’ve been to many camps and Calais has been one close to my heart. I bring my dog Zuzu to comfort people and I cook huge amounts of vegan food. ,’ she says.

She attends as many of Adil’s home games as she can with his family.
They are all very close-
After almost a year together, the couple have their routines.
He trains relentlessly - while she likes to shop in the markets for Provencal vegetables to cook beautiful suppers - she is the ultimate chic hostess.

He calls me an alien,’ she says.

Why such an obsession with Age. ? It’s rude you know.
How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you were?’
We will be in love for as long as we are in love and if there is ever one day we decide to end it for the best. I can always go and live in another country.’
When Pamela Anderson moved from California to the south of France last year, she wasn’t looking for romance. I always imagined living in the south of France at this Time on my life. I didn’t expect to fall in love, which is always when it happens, right?’ she laughs.
I’m writing a book called Saving Women From Feminism — it’s going to be controversial

- I know I’ll get in trouble for this.

while her two sons from her marriage to Tommy Lee were all grown up — Brandon (now 21) was travelling the world as an actor and model, musician Dylan (20) was forever in recording studios.
‘The boys are busy with their lives. It was time for me to explore new horizons.
They are very supportive.

After spending the previous four years and another £5 million on building her Malibu property she bought the property for £1.3 million in 2008,

She decided to rent out her home for a high season rate of £50,000 per month and go to St Tropez for the summer. Friends such as designer Dame Vivienne Westwood had told her she should live in Europe.
I’ve worked on St Tropez many times. And thought it would be good place to start.
It was also Dame Vivienne who introduced her to Julian Assange, whom Pamela began visiting at his hideaway in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London in late 2016.
She’s always been coy about the exact nature of her friendship with Assange, but she sees him every time she is in the capital, most recently just a few weeks ago. She thinks he is a ‘genius’ and that the rape charges (now dropped) against him were ‘a set-up’.


Pamela is very close to Julian. And people have all sorts of assumptions. She is not willing to elaborate on.
Pamela and Adil met at the end of May last year at the Monaco Grand Prix.
‘He has a lot of integrity when it comes to family,’ says Pamela. ‘He is very loyal.’
After Monaco, Adil and Pamela spent a month living in Aix en Provence before moving to Marseille where they stayed in the InterContinental hotel for another month while looking for a home together.
Coincidentally we meet today in the same hotel, the most luxurious in the city. Of course I had expected her to be a bit of a bombshell, but nothing quite prepares one for Pamela in the flesh.

Here she comes now, clipping across the marble foyer in her spike heels, wearing a polka dot dress that clings to every curve and provides a straining frame for the double whammy of her full beam cleavage.
Her waist is tiny, her blonde hair is sexily tousled and men fall silent and just stare, a petrified forest of stunned testosterone, as she sashays past.
Brunch has been laid out in a suite upstairs, where Pamela ignores the elaborate platter of fruits and goes straight for the buttery croissants while ordering a cappuccino.
I thought you were vegan! ‘I am, but I am a very naughty vegan. I haven’t eaten meat for over 20 years, but I am not strict about veganism because I don’t like deprivation of any kind,’ she purrs, in her breathy little voice. We are in France. I need to find vegan croissants.
I know they exist.

In her defense, she points out her vegan shoes and her vegan handbag, talks of the vegan restaurant she opened in St Tropez in the summer ‘I’m just trying to make veganism sexy.’
To this end, she has just ‘created’ a vegan champagne called Amourfou. ‘I didn’t realize most champagnes are filtered through animal organs, did you?
She is bare-legged, and has a smart bruise on her upper left arm, a legacy from her recent appearance onstage in Germany with magician Hans Klok, known as ‘the Dutch David Copperfield’. Ten years ago she played a season with him in Las Vegas as his assistant and has reprized the role on his current European tour.
‘What girl doesn’t want to be a magician’s assistant, right? It is one of the most glamorous things ever,’ she says.
Her star turn includes appearing (and disappearing) in a dangerous trick called Fire Spikes which involves her being locked in a box into which a grid of flaming spears are inserted.
Her hair gets singed, her arms get bruised but she doesn’t care, because being on stage and especially magic is something she loves.
Ah yes, Pamela and her crusades. Falling in love appears not to have quenched her appetite for doing good. In any spare time left after taking vegan meals to Assange (‘Bring me something exotic!’ he says), Pamela has been appalled by the touring animal circuses in France and is lobbying mayors to have them stopped. She is also campaigning to have foie gras production banned and wants Uber and minicab drivers everywhere to be vetted for criminal records — to help keep women safer.
If you search YouTube you’ll see her looking impossibly glamorous in a recent Ride Responsibly ad about the dangers of app-hailed taxis.

‘Just because it is an app doesn’t mean it is safe,’ she says. ‘A young girl who is alone and has been drinking and needs to get home is very vulnerable. This is not victim blaming, it is just saying put some more thought into it.’
She is not a fan of today’s feminism. ‘I hate the victimhood element of it. It is demeaning.
‘A lot of women still like to be sexy, still want men to make the first move — which is empowering for us. We don’t want to be victims and we don’t want to make enemies of men.
‘I am writing a book called Saving Women From Feminism.
For someone who has been through divorces and been explicitly objectified throughout her life — Richard Branson once sold Virgin cola in a ‘Pammy’ shaped bottle — she remains a diehard romantic.
Despite her past as a Playboy centrefold she is anti online porn and dating apps, both of which she believes to be destructive to human intimacy. She is keen on sex, but only with someone she loves.
‘The best sex is in a committed relationship, knowing someone’s nuances and sensuality is what makes you a good lover. You must be brave enough for intimacy.’
Has her sexual desire diminished over the years? ‘I don’t think so, no.’ Could she ever imagine getting married again? ‘Of course!’ She is funny and friendly, easy to like. After moving her clothes and her dog Zuzu to France, it looks like our girl is in it for the long haul. She is learning to speak French, so that she can have deeper discussions with new friends in France


And what else does she wish for in her mad, magnifique world of Fire Spikes and vegan champagne and fugitives and football?
‘I want to do a French film - I’m ready for it. says the former Baywatch star. There is nothing like a new challenge to make you feel young’