Ride Responsibly Speech - LCT International Show Las Vegas

For more than two years now, I have worked with the National Limousine Association, advocating for stricter safety regulations for ride-hail apps to ensure that the millions of men and women that use them each day can remain out of harm’s way. Despite numerous victims, these companies have done absolutely nothing to better themselves and protect their customers. There have been thousands of documented instances of violence plastered across the headlines, and very few lawmakers have taken any meaningful action. The majority of you in this room go through painstaking effort and spares no expense to keep both passengers and drivers safe, and it seems that these companies, with much bigger wallets, feel no responsibility to do the same. My latest PSA with the National Limousine Association’s Ride Responsibly campaign, “Terms & Conditions,” calls attention to the fact that these companies are fully aware of how dangerous their services are. Their terms and conditions seek to absolve themselves from any responsibility, and basically wishes their customers “good luck” when they accept a ride.

In addition to the exploitation of their riders, Uber & Lyft are actively exploiting their drivers on a global scale by misclassifying them as independent contractors rather than employees. While there are certainly thousands of wrongdoers among them, many of their drivers are hardworking Americans trying to make ends meet. Yet, they are denied healthcare, workman’s compensation that the law guarantees them, which is something that I’m working close with the National Limousine Association to change as well. We have the opportunity to make our streets a safer place for all of us. Thank you for your continued support, and with your help, this is a battle that I know we can win.