Journal Entry March


On my way to a beautiful place Gut Aiderbichl
Feeling like a little girl.
To support farm animal rescue
Je parle française beaucoup maintenant - it’s coming 🇫🇷 merci ...
on my mind
indépendance I understand.- 
and it’s a naive concept -
the world is so small ...
Do you think a world without borders is even possible?
No more war -
cyber currency ?
world owned by the world -
We rent space here -
to give back to the planet -
and the people -
but in a more socialized way - worldwide.
less consumerism for survival and sharing of wealth -
Political positions/leaders would be volunteers/acts of passion and empathy -
I’m starting to feel like John Lennon and may start preaching this ... but after the book I wrote #hatchettebooks on love and feminism. ( Lust for Love ) comes out end of April in USA (hoping to translate into French, German and Russian)
I believe in self regulated population control which would help with immigration issues -
in every country. Everyone is a climate refugee climate revolution
I believe in
less prisons -
I love Deanna Van Buren's Ted Talks on this.
To replace with more résolution centres-
And they could all be vegan.
The film I produced ( The Game Changers ) with James Cameron about vegan men is getting a nice response.
In the mean while (in the ‘reliable’ press) I’m dead and FBI is ´probing ´ me ?...
not sure if you have seen my response.
My son gave his father a well deserved bop on the nose in self defense .
- another
wake up call -
life keeps moving.
How do we appeal to the terrible people in the world.
the greed .., through art, expression - philosophy and exposing the truth through
loving activism. Angela Richter Julian Assange
marriage, family, renewable energy
I’m In Madrid. next week at Global Gift Foundation event in response to refugee crisis. Poverty  hunger human rights Help Refugees uk will be there with me.
but I also want to expand my focus.
A receptive audience.
open minds -
and my new book will help throw me into mainstream TV
and give me good opportunities to discuss the root of what we all desire.
Uncensored -
Just a girl in the world ...
Learning all I can -
trying to help, shed light and work hard-

Wishing everyone well 🙏

Any ideas ?