Julian Assange is an advocate for justice and especially for Ecuador

He makes Ecuador look more forward thinking, transparent and cool.
Especially in the eyes of the youth.
And the ever growing activist culture.
And now -
in a bizarre ‘out of character’ weak move -
They have succumbed to bullying and pressures of the west?
I’m shocked. .
I had a lot more faith than this.
Please stay strong Ecuador-
We are relying on you to be the ones willing to stand up -
You may be small -
but mighty In the eyes of all of us who understand your bravery,
and complicated history.
Any one with a brain supports Julian.
The ones who don’t, have fallen for propaganda .
And have been coerced by western pressures because of bruised big egos and knee jerk responses to the humiliation corrupt governments faced by being exposed.
The exposures have harmed no one (it’s what they’d like you to think- but it’s proven untrue) the only thing hurt is their pride-
These exposure are saving lives.
The USA doesn’t want their dirty laundry exposed.
But -
this in unacceptable and unfair.
God Forbid we understand the truth and can rewrite history.
So we can teach our children -
That which is true.

So pull the plug on Julian Assange?
When we need him the most.
This is immature nonsense.
And reveals something insane in politics. Who is in control?
Governments or the people?
One man sitting in a tiny room has changed the world.
Be inspired. Fight back. Freedom of speech must be protected.
Along with the rights of ALL. -

We are counting on Ecuador to do the right thing.
Please reconsider -