Alcoholism is the Devil


For the record.
I have made NO comment anywhere to anyone before this -

Beware of tabloid gossip.
This is a matter of life and death.
I am surreally calm
- I feel justice is at work.
I am not frantic or ‘as reported’ -
devastated. I am hopeful -
This is not new to us -

I am staying in France for the moment.

I have complete faith in Brandon and his team to resolve this unfortunate and sad situation regarding his father.
I pray Tommy gets the help he needs.
His actions are desperate and humiliating -
He is a disaster spinning out of control.
and he is not acting like a father.
But this is nothing new.
My sons have made every attempt to help him in recent months -
staying with him to make sure he’s ok.
Just by being present with him they were hoping he’d feel loved
and act differently.
I feared things might escalate.
knew this might be what it took to heal old wounds.
Him blaming his son or us for anything is delusional.
We have all tried to
protect him and help him for too long.
Hoping he’d look after himself better.
I do not like to comment about this.
But feel like it’s necessary because of Tommy’s ‘Trump style’ no thought out rampage on twitter and IG?
This matter is ideally between just a father and a son -
And rehab if the stars align.
I will never talk to Tommy again before he is sober and in his right mind.
Though he’s made attempts to contact me. I have blocked him.
It is impossible to reason with crazy.
I’m sure the world can see the truth.
I stand beside my son who acted out of self defense and was scared for his life.
Nobody understands the lifetime of disappointment this man has brought our family.
Consistently the centre of sadness,
drama and confusion.
Jealous of his sons talent and beauty from the day they were born.
He is sick. The definition of narcissist/sociopath-
His fiancé keeps him drunk - this is what he wants - someone to behave badly with.
It’s terrible
and unfortunately he has made this private matter very public.
I have always tried only to set record straight.
Trying to paint him as not a bad guy.
Just one who is human and made mistakes -
He still cannot handle the guilt about his abusive behavior and has never taken responsibility for what he has done.
Let’s hope this will be his saving grace.
I can only pray for him.
And protect my sons
Who also fiercely protect me.

Brandon has asked me to stay in France and not come home right now.
He is happy and content that I am safe and loved where I am at -
He has invaluable support and has everything under control.
His heart amazes me.
He still does not want to see his dad in Jail
He just wants him to get sober. He was puting together an Intervention (along with friends and people Tommy works with and admired). So that whatever is left of his life can be healthy and peaceful and maybe he will be a healthy part of their lives one day.
Maybe a positive part of our future grandkids life.
Brandon has risked everything to save his father.
He takes his career very seriously.
He does not touch alcohol or drugs - (he understands his genetics) and is an example to many.
He is a tremendous talent that will show the world-
But he has put all on hold for dealing with this.
his family - his brother and our family is his priority.
Believe me
He punched him in the nose for all of us who he has hurt -
Tommy feels humiliated - and is attempting to destroy his own son.
This is the Devil - This is the disease of alcoholism.