Not sure what strongest position Is - when it comes to social media.
And privacy
Banks, credit cards, mortgages, phones, TVs -
We are all under surveillance.
And zombies on phones.
It’s very sci-fi - under control - governments know the least. (Ignorant)
Such an embarrassment congress questioning Zuckerberg (who still blames Russia)
He’s a scared rat. .
None of us are free.

I feel mass hysteria looming -

Brilliant but forgotten movie from the 80s about consumer zombies...
We need such sunglasses today for deconstructing ideology (to see behind the 'Russians', Cambridge Analytica, Facebook etc)

Are you familiar with Swedish cashless society? I think now it's 80% without cash, only bank cards, ID's are already hyperintegrated (your bank account, gym, everything is surveilled and connected)


Probably the coolest zombie movie ever, with a nice final twist...
it's a feminist movie
in the best sense of that word...