Self Discipline


Any advice you have for relationships trying to survive in the digital age ?

Self Discipline !
Never put yourself in situations where the small embers of attraction to someone else will catch fire.
Don’t laugh off all those little erotic attractions you feel. These will either have to be suppressed or they’ll naturally grow.
If you’re flirting with other people, you’re diluting erotic desire for your spouse. This is especially true with online interaction. Don’t spend your time on your phone or computer when you should be focusing on your lover -
if you’re always holding a screen up to your face, you’re not paying attention to your lover.
This creates unhealthy jealousies. The next thing you know, your lover is checking your computer histories, stalking you on social media, trying to find any hint of infidelity.
My father once told me that suspicion within a relationship is self-fulfilling.
He said that “if you look hard enough for something, you will and it.” This can ruin a relationship.
So, put down the gadgets, stop flirting with others,
and put your erotic energy into your partner.

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