Good Morning Britain

Re Julian Assange

Julian would not want me to say this.
But I am deeply concerned about his health and well being.
This is torture.
I believe he is being killed slowly ... his human rights are being abused. .
And the UK must help

Julian is:
1)not allowed visitors
2)no telephone calls
3) journalists and the press cannot speak or get access to him
4) no internet

It’s very disturbing because this is due to pressure from the US.

If it wasn’t already clear to everyone, Julian Assange is a political hostage in the heart of London.

He has no freedom because the US is threatening to put him in prison for the rest of his life. He’s brave and principled and what is portrayed in the media is not true, I know him better than the people who write about him and they are on the wrong side of history.

The US attorney General says his arrest is a priority, no one should face life in prison for doing their job, which is advocating for everyone’s access to the truth about war crimes and corruption.

There is a lots of evidence that Julian is politically persecuted by the US and that the UK government has a duty to ensure that he is not exposed to that US persecution.

This has always been about the US case. The UK government has so far not recognised his asylum so that means that he has no protection from a US extradition.

All he cares about is the US extradition.


Re- a few questions I get asked -

What about breaking bail?
Julian already served all the time while in prison and house arrest before seeking asylum- (between 2010 and 2012) which count as time served. It’s now 2018! The bail issue is simply a technicality to keep the situation going. It is cruel and cynical. It is a blight on the UK and looks bad.

On the Swedish case?
: the investigation was dropped over a year ago and he had already been cleared plus was never charged in the first place.
Any suggestion the Swedish case could be reopened comes from a face saving effort by the prosecutor, and that suggestion has been criticised by the entire Swedish legal community in numerous op-Eds (no one has taken the side that it could be reopened) as an effort to mislead the public and save the prosecutor’s reputation.


I have a message for the Prime Minister Theresa May: woman to woman, this is a terrible situation that no one should be in, let alone a publisher for publishing the truth. Before something terrible happens to Julian-
the UK should come to an agreement to protect him from a US extradition, which is all he cares about.


I want to appeal both to Ecuador, a brave country to protect Julian, but at same time urge them to continue protecting him and give back Internet.
And then,
at the same time, now that he is not charged with anything,
the UK should protect him from the US who now has Mike Pompeo (former CIA) as Secretary of State -
same one who said Wikileaks should be treated as "hostile non-state agency"..
People have to understand the US is after him and wants him in prison...
and UK doesn't want to confirm or deny there is an extradition request...

I think this video by Vivienne Westwood is very clear.

Please watch -